In the latest tech update, Elastos has achieved significant advancements across different aspects of its platform. The Elastos main chain has improved its performance and stability with a fast startup feature for its BPoS nodes. The core team has also introduced the ability for BPoS consensus to activate or deactivate multiple nodes simultaneously, providing greater flexibility and efficiency.

The Elastos side chains resolved synchronization issues and improved the reliability of the sidechain nodes. Tests were successfully conducted to ensure smooth operation of the ESC chain even under high-demand scenarios. Moreover, the core team has completed the development of BNFT-related features on the ESC chain. Tests were conducted on an upgraded version of the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) on the ESC chain. Learn more about the updates regarding the EVM upgrade in this post

Essentials wallet has undergone enhancements as well. Users can now access more features, such as viewing public key information and getting an overview of their staked assets. The team has also released an updated version of the wallet for iOS devices. The progress made for Carrier includes enhancing the code to protect against a possible Sybil attack, which helps prevent malicious individuals from creating fake identities and undermining the network’s security. Additionally, the team has been exploring the direction of development for DID for the next phase. 

Elastos Mainchain

Elastos Sidechains






The Cyber Republic Council election for the 2023/2024 term has successfully concluded, marking an important milestone in the ongoing governance of the Elastos project. This election, which began on May 1st, 2023, ended on May 30th, 2023, at block height1,437,250. The results have determined the composition of the new CR Council, bringing a combination of fresh faces and returning members to the Council.

The newly elected Council will have a transition period of approximately 13 days to configure their nodes before officially participating in the Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC). The transition phase will begin at block height 1,437,250 and is estimated to conclude by block height 1,447,330, around June 13th, 2023. At block height 1,447,331, the new Council will officially take office.

The newly elected Council members include Bocheng Zhang, a core team member of Elastos who currently leads the Elastos Fusion team. The Gelaxy Team has secured a seat on the Council for their contributions to the mainchain-sidechain architecture and multi-tiered consensus mechanism of Elastos. Hwedini and 4HM3D are well-known community contributors and moderators for the Elastos project. In addition to the new members, nine returning Council members have been re-elected due to their dedication and ongoing commitment to the Elastos project.

The CR Council election is a crucial element of the governance structure within the Elastos ecosystem, allowing community members to have a direct say in the decision-making processes. The elected Council members play a vital role in shaping the future of Elastos by contributing their expertise, promoting community engagement, and fostering innovation. Their responsibilities include screening Suggestions, voting on Proposals, providing guidance and support to community projects, and ensuring the interests of the Elastos community are well-represented.

Please take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the newly elected members of the 2023/2024 CR Council and enjoy the following introductions:

»»  Bocheng Zhang: Bocheng Zhang, currently the team lead for Elastos Fusion, is focused on providing technical services to facilitate the utilization of the Elastos tech stack by Web3 enthusiasts. Bocheng is committed to driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and strengthening the Elastos ecosystem. His dedication and technical proficiency make him a valuable addition to the Council, contributing to the advancement of Elastos’ ecosystem.

»»  Gelaxy Team:  The Gelaxy Team is responsible for developing and maintaining  Elastos’ mainchain-sidechain architecture and multi-tiered consensus mechanism. With their in-depth knowledge and technical prowess, the Gelaxy Team is committed to strengthening Elastos’ technological foundation, fostering scalability, and enhancing interoperability within the ecosystem.

»»  Tyro Lee: Tyro Lee, a returning CR Council member, brings a wealth of experience and a strong presence in the Elastos community. As a dedicated member and an active social media influencer, Tyro has been instrumental in spreading awareness about Elastos and engaging with the community. Having previously served the 1st term as a CR Council member, Tyro is excited to contribute again to the growth and development of Elastos. His commitment to the project and ability to mobilize the community makes him an essential member of the CR Council.

»»  Hwedini/4HM3D: Hwedini and 4HM3D bring their invaluable contributions and expertise to the CR Council as community contributors and moderators for the Elastos project. Their experience in fostering community engagement and moderating discussions will aid in ensuring transparent and inclusive governance within the Elastos ecosystem. For more info about Hwedini/4HM3D, please check here.

»»  Elation Studios: Elation Studios, led by Fakhul Miah, Elastos Growth Team Lead, has earned a seat on the CR Council. Their team has been actively involved in Business Development and Marketing, contributing to the project’s growth through their technical expertise and development efforts. Elation Studios aims to further enhance the Elastos ecosystem by fostering innovation, building robust applications, and collaborating with other community members and projects. With their strong commitment and technical capabilities, Elation Studios is poised to impact the CR Council significantly.

»»  Sash: Sash, a dedicated member of the Elastos community, has been elected to the CR Council for the 4th consecutive year. His active engagement and contributions to the Elastos project makes him a valuable representative of the community’s interests. Sash founded Elacity, a specialized NFT and media project that will further Elastos footprint in Digital Rights Management. He was also instrumental in passing a Proposal to bring Runtime, an original part of Elastos tech stack, back into the fold. Sash’s deep understanding of the project and commitment to the growth and adoption of Elastos will drive community engagement and foster a vibrant ecosystem. For more info about Sash, please check out this post.

»»  MButcho/Nenchy: MButcho and Nenchy  have been elected to the CR Council for the second year. With a strong background in technology and a deep understanding of the Elastos ecosystem, both bring valuable insights and expertise to the Council. Their active community participation and technical proficiency make them influential advocates for Elastos. MButcho and Nenchy’s commitment to fostering collaboration and promoting the project’s development aligns perfectly with the goals of the CR Council. For additional information about them, please refer to this post

»»  Song Shijun: Song Shijun, a returning member of the CR Council, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Council, particularly in the areas of DeFi and bridging protocols. With a project initiation and incubation background, Song has led various successful initiatives within the Elastos ecosystem, including Elaphant Wallet, Elabank, Cryptoname, Shadowtoken, and FilDA. His expertise in project development and commitment to enhancing the Elastos community makes him an influential contributor to the CR Council. 

»»  Rebecca Zhu: Rebecca Zhu, an original Elastos team member, has been elected to serve on the CR Council for the 3rd consecutive year. With a background in engineering and operations management, Rebecca has played a vital role in developing and growing the Elastos project. Her extensive experience and deep understanding of the community makes her a valuable asset in furthering Elastos’ vision. She was the Secretary-General for the 1st Council and the Interim Council before CR Council was officially live. 

»»  The Strawberry Council: The Strawberry Council, comprising a group of passionate Elastos community members, has been elected to the CR Council for the 4th time. This dynamic team brings diverse skills and expertise to the table. With a focus on community engagement, education, and outreach, the Strawberry Council aims to empower and unite the Elastos community, fostering collaboration and driving adoption. Their dedication and innovative ideas will be crucial in strengthening the community’s voice within the CR Council.

»»  PG BAO: PG BAO, an elected CR Council member for the 2nd year. With a focus on technical excellence and community empowerment, PG BAO aims to contribute to the growth and adoption of Elastos by actively engaging with the community, fostering collaboration with other projects, and promoting the development of new applications and use cases. His technical expertise and strategic vision make them a valuable asset to the CR Council, working towards the common goal of building a thriving Elastos ecosystem.

»»  Sai: Sai is a longstanding community member. Sai’s extensive involvement and passion for Elastos makes him an ideal representative of the community’s interests. His dedication to the project and deep understanding of its vision will contribute to fostering community engagement and driving the adoption of Elastos. For more info about Sai, please read the piece on Elastos Info here.

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In a testament to the diversity and unity within the Elastos community, two individuals from vastly different professional backgrounds have come together, driven by their shared conviction in Elastos’ vision. Hwedini, a seasoned Investment Banker with extensive experience in global capital markets, and 4HM3D, a junior doctor pursuing his professional career, have jointly announced their candidacy for Council members within the Cyber Republic ecosystem. This dynamic duo brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to the table, with the primary goal of promoting Elastos’ values, ensuring transparent governance, and fostering community engagement.

A Profound Impact and Deep Engagement

Hwedini and 4HM3D’s decision to run for Council membership is rooted in the profound impact Elastos has had on their personal lives. As active members of the resilient Elastos community, they have experienced firsthand the transformative potential of the platform. This deep engagement has fueled their passion and commitment to advancing Elastos’ principles and vision, motivating them to contribute to its growth actively.

Proactive Promotion of Elastos’ Values

As Council members, Hwedini and 4HM3D aim to assume a proactive role in promoting the values and vision of Elastos. Their collective experience and diverse perspectives enable them to bridge different sectors and effectively communicate Elastos’ potential to a broader audience. They prioritize reflecting the community’s sentiment, ensuring fairness, transparency, and responsible governance in all decision-making processes.

Embracing Community Collaboration

Genuine care for the success and growth of Elastos drives Hwedini and 4HM3D’s candidacy. They strongly believe in the power of collaboration with the community and actively seek input and feedback from its members. By valuing different opinions and actively listening to community voices, they aim to create a more inclusive and supportive environment within the Elastos ecosystem.

Transparency and Responsible Governance

Transparency and clarity are core principles for Hwedini and 4HM3D. They understand the importance of establishing clear and regular communication between the CRC and the community. By providing timely updates and transparent communication, they build trust and ensure community members are well-informed about CRC activities and decisions. This approach aims to avoid any disappointments or misunderstandings caused by a lack of communication, which may have occurred in the past in some instances.

Optimal Management of the CR Treasury

Hwedini and 4HM3D recognize the importance of managing the CR Treasury effectively. They propose creating a decentralized venture capital-like arm of the CRC to maximize the treasury’s potential. Additionally, they advocate for diversifying the treasury funds to reduce the impact of short-term volatility in ELA. By implementing these measures, they aim to safeguard the long-term sustainability and growth of Elastos’ ecosystem.


Hwedini and 4HM3D’s joint candidacy for Council membership within the Elastos ecosystem brings together their diverse backgrounds, expertise, and shared passion for Elastos’ vision. Their commitment to transparency, responsible governance, and community collaboration positions them as ideal candidates to lead Elastos. By promoting Elastos’ values, actively engaging with the community, and optimizing treasury management, they aim to create a transparent, inclusive, and supportive environment for the growth and success of Elastos.

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The Elastos Cyber Republic Council has been a hub of diverse minds coming together to tackle challenges and shape the future of Elastos. As the CR continues its journey, one candidate stands out for his unwavering commitment, expertise, and invaluable contributions to the Elastos ecosystem. Sash, a representative of Elacity, brings a unique perspective and a track record of consistency and trustworthiness, making him an ideal candidate for the CR Council.

A Journey of Diverse Experiences

Sash’s background in the creative industries and technology has given him a unique skill set and a deep appreciation for the intersection of creativity and technology. With experience in music production and the film industry, having worked on renowned projects like James Bond and Jurassic World, Sash understands the power of digital creations and the potential of technology to drive global independence and free creativity. Sash has also worked for world renowned companies such as Disney, Netflix and Universal Studios.

A Passion for Elastos

Sash’s journey with Elastos began in late 2017 when he discovered the project while developing an ICO directory platform. Sash became an active voice within the Elastos Orchard group, becoming an evangelist for the project, especially in Europe. He then founded Elacity, a platform dedicated to developing the data monetization layer for Web3 using Elastos’ tech stack such as DID, Verified Credentials, Carrier, Hive, DRM, etc. His passion for Elastos and dedication to its success shine through his ongoing contributions and commitment.

In April of 2023,, Sash achieved a significant milestone by successfully passing a Proposal to reintroduce one of Elastos’ original four pillars, Runtime, back into the system. Sash strongly believes that this technology is the crucial component needed to create the authentic Elastos Web3. Through his unwavering vision and tireless efforts behind the scenes, Sash is making a valuable contribution towards showcasing Elastos’ complete tech stack to the community and the world. This achievement is set to empower individuals in harnessing the full potential of Web3 for a better future.

Consistency and Trustworthiness

The Elacity creator’s unwavering dedication to the Elastos ecosystem is evident in his track record. As the one of the very few members who have been on every Council since its inception three years ago, Sash has voted on 114 Proposals and maintained a perfect 100% voting record. This consistency and reliability demonstrates his commitment to safeguarding the best interests of the Elastos community and ecosystem.

Technical Expertise and Innovation

Sash’s involvement in innovation and exploration of new territories in Web3, through Elacity, adds immense value to his candidacy. Sash’s technical perspective and understanding enables him to contribute valuable insights to the Council.

By integrating Elastos toolsets and focusing on data monetization and user experience, Sash aims to drive adoption and forge alliances with external partners. His vision aligns with Rong’s vision and the Elastos whitepaper, ensuring the success of Elacity and the overall growth of Elastos.

Driving Adoption and Inclusivity

A deep part of Sash’s value is recognizing the importance of broader adoption and avoiding the creation of walled gardens within Elastos. He emphasizes the need to encourage using decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and Hive data vault business models. 

By prioritizing inclusivity and establishing alliances, Sash aims to attract new users, integrate Elastos APIs into popular services, and enhance the overall market-oriented approach of Elastos.


Sash’s candidacy for the Elastos CR Council represents a choice for consistency, trustworthiness, and technical expertise. His ongoing contributions through Elacity and his commitment to the success of Elastos make him an invaluable asset to the Council. 

With a focus on driving adoption, forging alliances, and promoting inclusivity, Sash’s vision aligns perfectly with the goals and aspirations of the Elastos community. As Elastos moves forward, Sash’s presence on the Council promises to bring invaluable insights and contribute to realizing Elastos’ full potential.

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The Elastos community is known for its diverse members coming together to advance the Elastos ecosystem. Among these passionate individuals is Sai, a seasoned Product Management professional with extensive experience in the retail and fashion Industry. 

Inspired by the commitment and achievements of current Council members, Sai has decided to step up and declare his candidacy in the CR Council elections. With a vision for enhancing community engagement, establishing an investment arm for CR, and improving decision-making processes, Sai’s campaign brings fresh perspectives and valuable objectives.

A Journey of Inspiration

Sai’s journey with Elastos started in 2018 as a quiet community member. However, witnessing the dedication and passion exhibited by the Council members has fueled Sai’s desire to contribute and make a lasting impact actively. 

Despite the challenges of balancing work commitments and a young family, Sai remains dedicated to the Elastos vision. With plans to relocate back to India, Sai sees an opportunity to invest more time and energy into the community and contribute meaningfully to its growth.

A Vision for the Future

Sai’s primary objective as a Council member is to explore the establishment of an Investment arm for CR. Recognizing the increasing interest in Elastos and the potential influx of projects seeking funding, Sai envisions a framework that can cater to these opportunities. 

Building on past experiences, such as the Fresco project, Sai aims to develop a funding model that distinguishes between free funding and investment-based funding. By doing so, Sai seeks to lay a strong foundation for the long-term sustainability and prosperity of the Elastos ecosystem.

Empowering Community Engagement

Sai strongly believes in the importance of community engagement in decision-making processes. Commenting on Cyber Republic Suggestions and discussing topics on platforms like Telegram and Discord offer great opportunities for community involvement. However, Sai acknowledges that there is a need for further improvement in this area. To address this, Sai intends to conduct an in-depth discovery process to learn from other thriving communities. 

By analyzing their decision-making and community engagement approaches, Sai aims to present valuable insights and recommendations to the CR and Elastos community. The ultimate goal is implementing enhancements that foster inclusivity, transparency, and active participation.

Involvement with the Phantz NFT Project

Sai played a crucial role in the CR Council as an ambassador for the Phantz project. After Phantz’s election to the Council, Sai took on the responsibility of acting as a bridge between the Council and the vibrant Phantz community. With an in-depth understanding of the community’s needs and aspirations, Sai took it upon themselves to keep the Phantz members informed about the various Proposals presented on the Council.

Sai’s commitment to transparency and inclusivity was evident in their efforts to ensure that the Phantz community had a voice in the decision-making process. Prior to each Proposal’s vote, Sai conducted a consensus within the Phantz NFT holders, actively seeking their input and feedback. This approach guaranteed that the perspectives and concerns of the Phantz members were heard and considered when casting the final vote.


Sai’s decision to run in the CR Council elections is driven by a genuine desire to contribute to the success and growth of Elastos. With a solid product management background, extensive retail industry experience, and a genuine passion for Elastos’ vision, Sai brings valuable skills and insights to the table. 

Through his involvement with the Phantz NFT project, Sai has already showcased their dedication to driving innovation and community engagement. By electing Sai to the Council, the Elastos community can benefit from fresh perspectives, strong leadership, and a steadfast commitment to the shared success of Elastos.

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As the CR Council Election for the 2023/2024 term approaches, two esteemed community members, MButcho and Nenchy, have emerged as formidable candidates under the united banner of “M&N, Two4You.” With their complementary skills and unwavering dedication, MButcho and Nenchy seek to leverage their expertise to propel Elastos toward a bright and prosperous future.

Proven Commitment and Contributions

During their previous tenure on the CR Council, MButcho and Nenchy showcased their unwavering commitment to Elastos. With an astute grasp of IT operations, MButcho spearheaded the Guardians community team, while Nenchy’s sales acumen embodied the principles of “givers gain” and “walk the talk.” They diligently fulfilled their responsibilities, swiftly catching up on tasks from the previous term, actively participating in the biweekly Council meetings, and casting well-informed votes on all Proposals. 

Only on three occasions did they dissent, consistently prioritizing the best interests of Elastos. Moreover, they steadfastly honored their promise not to abstain any Proposal, recognizing the crucial duty of Council members to determine the fate of Proposals decisively.

Driving Innovation and Ensuring Stability

MButcho and Nenchy demonstrated their capacity for innovation by spearheading the implementation of the Business Continuity Plan for DPoS (Stand-by-Nodes). This plan bolstered the stability and security of the Elastos DPoS consensus. 

Their forward-thinking approach also encompasses reviving the “Changes to Elastos CR Consensus Voting” Proposal, which proposes to remove the “Abstain” option and change the decision to a simple “Yes” or “No” decision. Additionally, they actively assisted community members in setting up BPoS nodes, bolstering the stability of the Elastic Consensus.

A Vision for the Future

MButcho and Nenchy have a clear vision for Elastos in the upcoming term. They wholeheartedly commit to representing the community’s best interests, fostering decentralization, and providing unwavering support and transparency to all members. 

Their resolute dedication is exemplified by their unwavering commitment to do their due diligence and vote “Yes” or “No” on every Proposal. Furthermore, they pledge to assist community members in transforming promising Suggestions into actionable Proposals.

Addressing Crucial Topics

MButcho and Nenchy have identified several pressing topics that demand attention and stand to benefit Elastos. First, they prioritize enhancing the transparency of BPoS node statuses by leveraging and improving the functionality of This approach ensures that all node operators have access to relevant information and receive timely software updates through a dedicated Telegram group called “ELA Supernodes.” 

Furthermore, they advocate for reviewing all released ELA funds and aspire to transition from single wallet access to a multi-sig wallet, thus fostering further decentralization. They endorse approving Proposals with phased payments instead of upfront fund releases to prevent potential issues.


MButcho and Nenchy, running as the “M&N, Two4You” team, bring a wealth of experience and a proven track record of commitment and contributions to the Elastos community. Their innovative mindset, dedication to transparency, and focus on decentralization make them formidable candidates for the CR Council Election. 

With their clear vision for the future and proactive approach to addressing crucial concerns, MButcho and Nenchy aim to elevate Elastos and guide it toward a prosperous and thriving future. As the election approaches, the Elastos community has an opportunity to support these candidates who have consistently demonstrated their unwavering dedication to the project.

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In this update, Elastos focused on improving the stability, functionality, and interoperability of its main chain, side chains, and related components. The main chain underwent regression testing and optimizations, ensuring stability. Development work was initiated to meet requirements for developing the new Elastos sidechain. The EVM upgrade on the Elastos Smart Contract (ESC) chain was completed, and the team is currently performing the Consensus and contract compatibility testing. 

Significant improvements were made to the Essentials wallet. The BPoS dApp received enhancements, and technical support was provided to the community. Significant progress was made in Carrier, including detecting malicious node behavior and porting Carrier Native for Windows. These updates reflect Elastos’ commitment to enhancing its blockchain infrastructure, sidechain ecosystem, wallet experience, and decentralized communication network.

Elastos Mainchain

Elastos Sidechain




The Gelaxy Team and Trinity Team



Elastos has a unique three-pillar Elastic Consensus that all serve different purposes to make the blockchain as decentralized, secure, and scalable as possible. Last week we highlighted the Proof of Integrity or CR Consensus form of the Elastic Consensus, a community-selected 12-seat entity that passes initiatives for the ecosystem. Last month the new Bonded Proof of Stake (BPoS) was officially implemented in place of the previous Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) model. 

In 2018, Elastos officially implemented a unique approach called merged mining, sometimes referred to as Auxiliary Proof-of-Work (AuxPoW),  which is one of the three forms of Consensus. Merged mining is where Elastos’ mainchain is simultaneously secured and validated through the computing power of the Bitcoin blockchain. This innovative mechanism allows Elastos to leverage the existing computing resources of Bitcoin, enabling global-scale blockchain innovations while maintaining energy efficiency. In this article, we will explore the concept of merged mining and its benefits, specifically focusing on Elastos’ integration with the Bitcoin network.

Understanding Merged Mining

Merged mining is a process that allows multiple blockchains to reach Consensus simultaneously. In the case of Elastos, the Bitcoin blockchain serves as the parent blockchain, while the Elastos main chain acts as an auxiliary blockchain. This dynamic means that when miners perform Proof-of-Work (PoW) calculations for the Bitcoin blockchain, they indirectly contribute to the security and validation of transactions on Elastos blockchain.

During the process of merged mining, when miners successfully mine a block on the Bitcoin blockchain, they can include a reference to a valid block on the Elastos main chain. This reference allows the Elastos main chain to utilize the security provided by the Bitcoin blockchain, ensuring the integrity of the entire Elastos network. In essence, while Bitcoin miners are responsible for creating the blocks during the mining of BTC, the validation and signing of these blocks are carried out by the Elastos BPoS nodes to sustain the Elastos main chain.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Friendliness

Mining is a computationally-intensive process that requires significant amounts of energy and computational resources, contributing to both electricity consumption and environmental impact. One of the key advantages of merged mining with Elastos (ELA) is that it does not increase the overall energy consumption compared to mining Bitcoin alone. 

Since the Elastos mainchain utilizes the existing computing power of Bitcoin miners, the energy consumed for mining remains the same. This makes merged mining an environmentally friendly solution, as it maximizes the utilization of existing resources without adding additional energy requirements.

Strong Computing Power and Global Scale Blockchain Innovations

The Bitcoin blockchain is known for its substantial computing power (often referred to as its ‘hashrate’). By utilizing the hashrate of the Bitcoin blockchain, Elastos ensures a solid guarantee of computing power for its mainchain. 

The power of the Bitcoin network enhances the security and reliability of Elastos transactions, making it capable of handling blockchain innovations on a global scale. Integrating Bitcoin’s computing power provides Elastos with a robust foundation for building decentralized applications and services that can reach a broad user base.

Added Security from the Bitcoin Blockchain to Elastos

Merged mining offers a potential solution to the issue of 51% attacks, which occur when a single entity controls more than half of a network’s hashing power and can manipulate transactions or double-spend coins. When Elastos utilizes merged mining with Bitcoin, it achieves the same security level as Bitcoin.

Any attack or manipulation attempts would require significant computational power to overpower the combined mining network. As a result, merged mining with Bitcoin provides an added layer of security to Elastos, making it more resistant to malicious activities and increasing the overall trustworthiness of the network. By leveraging the security of the Bitcoin network, Elastos can prevent such attacks and ensure their network’s integrity.

Isolated Nodes and Reliability

Elastos operates on a multi-layered infrastructure comprising a main chain and side chains. The main chain serves as the foundational layer, responsible for handling the core functionalities of the Elastos ecosystem, such as identity verification and asset transfers. Side chains, on the other hand, are additional chains that operate alongside the main chain, providing specialized functionalities or customized features. 

These side chains are interconnected with the main chain through a cross-chain mechanism, enabling seamless communication and interoperability between different chains within the Elastos ecosystem. This infrastructure allows for scalability, flexibility, and customization, as different side chains can be created to accommodate diverse applications while still relying on the main chain for overall security and consensus.

In a merged mining setup, auxiliary blockchains or side chains do not require a Consensus of multiple validator sets. Even in the extreme case of having only one node, the reliability of the ledger information on the main chain or other chains is not compromised. This design enables flexibility in deploying and managing sidechains, making them less resource-intensive while maintaining the integrity of the overall blockchain network.

Start Mining ELA as a Bitcoin Miner 

In 2022, the well-known YouTuber Voskcoin created a video explaining the merged mining process employed by Elastos, which combines the security of Bitcoin’s blockchain with ELA token mining.

One of the mining pools that support ELA merged mining is F2pool. Since 2019, F2pool has been integrated with the Elastos main chain, allowing miners to mine ELA tokens alongside BTC. To add your ELA address and start receiving ELA rewards through F2pool, follow the instructions they provided a few years ago:

  1. Sign up for an account on the F2pool website (if you haven’t already).
  2. Access the F2pool dashboard and navigate to the settings or account section.
  3. Look for the option to add a new coin or configure merged mining.
  4. Select ELA (Elastos) as the coin you want to mine in addition to BTC.
  5. Enter your ELA wallet address in the provided field. 
  6. Save the changes and ensure your ELA address is properly linked to your F2pool account.
  7. Configure your mining hardware or software to connect to F2pool and start mining both BTC and ELA.

It’s worth mentioning that ViaBTC is another prominent Bitcoin mining pool that participates in ELA merged mining, offering a similar opportunity to mine ELA tokens alongside BTC. To get started with ViaBTC’s merged mining program, refer to their website’s specific instructions and guidelines.


Elastos’ merged mining implementation with Bitcoin brings numerous benefits to the Elastos ecosystem. By leveraging the existing computing power of Bitcoin, Elastos ensures a high level of computing security while remaining energy-efficient. 

The ability to merge mine recursively establishes a trust hierarchy among chains, enabling the transfer of trust and interoperability across multiple blockchain layers. With these advancements, Elastos paves the way for global-scale blockchain innovations and empowers developers to build decentralized applications with enhanced security and reliability.


We have an important update regarding the Elastos Light Wallet (ELW) and the release of version 1.0.8. This new version represents a significant milestone as it involves a complete overhaul of API usage, transitioning to official Elastos APIs to improve stability. Download the new version of ELW here.

However, it is essential to note that the ELW will be discontinued on December 31st, 2023. To ensure the utmost security and sustainability of your ELA holdings, we strongly advise you to take the following actions:

Please note that no new features will be implemented in the Elastos Light Wallet moving forward. If you wish to access features such as BPoS Staking/Voting, Cyber Republic Election, and Cross-chain transfers, we encourage you to consider migrating to the Essentials Wallet. You can download Essentials Wallet here.

Should you have any further questions or need assistance, we invite you to join our Discord channel and tag @MButcho#1612. We are here to help and provide support.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation as we work towards enhancing the Elastos ecosystem.

The blockchain industry has faced its fair share of challenges regarding community governance, setting it apart from traditional Internet products. To overcome these hurdles, Elastos has introduced an innovative consensus mechanism called Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC) or  PoI (Proof of integrity) that brings the entire community together through a delegate model. This mechanism allows community members to participate in decision-making actively and incentivizes them to contribute to the growth of the community and ecosystem by submitting Suggestions and Proposals. This is one of the three forms of Consensus that makes it the overall Elastic Consensus.

In a nutshell, Elastos stands out among other blockchain projects by utilizing a governance board called the CR Council, consisting of twelve seats. This human-led Council makes decisions based on Proposals presented to CR website, harnessing the power of community involvement and leveraging the transparency and immutability of blockchain technology. It’s a dynamic and inclusive approach that invites everyone to shape the future of Elastos.

What makes this process even more fascinating is that all participants in the Consensus use digital signatures to validate their actions, ensuring trust and accountability. These actions are then recorded on the Elastos blockchain, which boasts open, transparent, and immutable features. This procedure means every community member can engage in decision-making on a level playing field. Finally, CRC expands the development space for the consensus mechanism of Elastos’ community governance, paving the way for even more innovation and collaboration.

Third Form of Consensus

CRC is Elastos’ third consensus mechanism, following PoW and BPoS, which makes up the overall Elastic Consensus. Its primary objective is to establish a community-driven governance framework that fuels Elastos’ technological advancements, ecosystem development, dispute resolution, and management of community assets. Moreover, the CRC aims to incentivize active community participation in shaping and contributing to the Elastos ecosystem.

Unlike a closed and mandatory organizational structure, the CRC embraces openness, decentralization, and spontaneity as core principles of the community. It serves as a top-level governance model, guiding the organic growth process through collective decision-making while providing support whenever needed.

Furthermore, the CRC is the foundational infrastructure for the Elastos ecosystem, offering a comprehensive community governance mechanism for truly decentralized applications. By empowering the community and fostering a sense of ownership, the CRC paves the way for a vibrant and innovative ecosystem that thrives on the collective wisdom of its participants.

Community Holds Council Accountable while Secretariat Provides Assistance

The CR Council is held accountable by the community through a democratic process that allows for the impeachment of council members if their performance is unsatisfactory. Community members can vote to impeach a council member. Once the number of votes to impeach exceeds 20% of the circulating supply of ELA, the member is automatically removed from the Council. This mechanism ensures that the council members are held responsible to the community and that their actions and decisions are subject to scrutiny.

Apart from answering to the community, the CR Council also has accountability in selecting the Secretariat. The Secretariat serves as a supportive body, aiding in decision-making, implementation, tracking, and daily management of tasks. At the helm of the Secretariat is the Secretary General, who plays a vital role in overseeing the CRC’s operations. The Secretary General and the Secretariat team bring professional insight and expertise to evaluate Proposals and ensure their efficient execution.

The Secretariat acts as a checks-and-balances mechanism, helping to address the challenges faced during the implementation of Proposals, such as long implementation periods, complex rationales, and the need for revisions. By assisting with decision-making and providing administrative support, the Secretariat helps alleviate the Council members’ workload and ensures that the implementation of Proposals are thoroughly reviewed and managed.

Overall, the combination of community accountability and the support provided by the Secretariat helps to ensure that the CR Council is held accountable for its actions and decisions. In addition, it fosters a transparent and democratic governance structure where the community has a say in the decision-making process while also benefiting from the expertise and efficiency of the Secretariat in managing the daily operations of the Council.

Annual Election

The highly anticipated CR Council Election officially began on April 30th, 2023, and will continue until the end of May. This significant event holds great importance for the Elastos community, as it allows each member to actively participate in shaping the future of our thriving ecosystem. Community members are encouraged to cast their votes promptly, as it is through our collective actions we will continue to expand the Elastos ecosystem and drive transformative projects forward.

The CR Council Election requires candidates to meet specific eligibility criteria and deposit 5,000 ELA to participate. If a candidate is not elected, the deposit will be refunded. ELA is used for voting in the Election. The top 12 candidates with the most votes will secure seats on the CR Council. Each Council member is responsible for running their own Supernode. The term for each member lasts approximately one year or 262,800 main chain blocks. 

Impactful Proposals

The impact of CRC can be seen through various impactful Proposals that have shaped the future of Elastos. For instance, a Proposal was passed to reduce the total supply of ELA tokens aimed to make them more attractive to investors by increasing scarcity. Another Proposal focused on bootstrapping liquidity on the Elastos Smart Contract (ESC) chain, facilitating seamless asset transfer experiences and a more robust DeFi ecosystem. There was also a Proposal to transition from Delegated Proof of Stake to Bonded Proof of Stake, enhancing network stability and decentralization. Furthermore, Elastos employed Kairon Labs as a market maker, increasing market liquidity and attracting potential partnerships.

The introduction of CRC has also paved the way for exciting initiatives like Elacity’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) integration with NFTs. This project aims to empower content creators by providing secure and efficient platforms for digital commerce. The Elavation Growth team Proposal further strengthens Elastos’ future success by focusing on business development, marketing, and strategic ecosystem alignment. These are just a handful of Proposals that have strongly impacted the Elastos ecosystem.


The Cyber Republic Council of Elastos represents a unique model of democratized governance in the blockchain industry. Elastos has empowered its community members to actively contribute to decision-making and ecosystem growth through the CR Consensus mechanism. This inclusive approach fosters ownership, ensuring that the community’s collective wisdom shapes Elastos’ future.

Proposals undergo scrutiny and voting by the CR Council, leveraging digital signatures and blockchain transparency to guarantee trust and accountability. The Council’s checks-and-balances system, supported by the CR Council Secretariat, facilitates effective implementation and provides professional expertise. By leveraging community insights, Elastos can make informed decisions across various aspects, driving innovation, growth, and stability while embodying decentralized and inclusive governance.

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Updated on May 12, 2023: Changed “the CR Council also has accountability to the Secretariat” to “the CR Council also holds accountability for selecting the Secretariat”.
Changed “Council Held Accountable by Community and Secretariat” to “Community Holds Council Accountable while Secretariat Provides Assistance”.

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