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Enabling a smarter, secure, and private digital ecosystem where users can control every aspect of their digital identity. Powered by Bitcoin.

Secure, Decentralized, Owned by You.

Bitcoin, secured by Proof-of-Work and decentralized miners, is the gold standard for blockchain security. Since 2018, Elastos has been merge-mined with Bitcoin, allowing us to redefine the internet experience, offering a decentralized SmartWeb platform for users to safely explore, connect, and create a world where your digital space is truly yours.

Elastos Main Chain


ELA, merge-mined with Bitcoin since 2018, featuring halvings and a total supply of 28.22 million

Cyber Republic DAO


The Cyber Republic (CR) DAO, yearly community elected nodes using Bitcoin-secured ELA


Bitcoin Elastos Layer 2 Protocol using BTC Oracle and ELA Relayers. Pay with Bitcoin, use EVM smart contracts, no bridging

Smart Web Infrastructure

Enabling a smarter, secure, and private digital ecosystem where users can control every aspect of their digital identity



Complete Elastos SmartWeb Wallet


Bitcoin Elastos Layer 2 - Making Bitcoin Smart


Monetise your data. dDRM Marketplace


Elastos DEX on Layer2 Sidechain


Lending protocol on Layer2 Sidechain


Decentralized credit oracle using AI

Securing the SmartWeb,
for everyone

Supporting the ecosystem from Digital Identity to Digital Rights Management (DRM) and BTC Layer 2 integration, Elastic Consensus combines the strength of BTC’s security with the power and flexibility of cryptographic and computational blockchain technologies.

Elastic Consensus

Auxiliary Proof of Work (AuxPoW)

Elastos has been merge-mined with Bitcoin since 2018, receiving its hash rate in exchange for ELA.  Bitcoin miners generate blocks for the Elastos Mainchain at no extra cost, providing approximately 50% of its security and offering decentralization, safety, and security benefits for Elastos.

Bonded Proof of Stake (BPoS)

Become a BPoS Validator, earn up to 22% APY and collaborate with Bitcoin miners to package blocks on Elastos.  The Elastos BPoS consensus mechanism additionally provides stakers with a return of 2-3% APY on ELA investment, featuring flexible bonding periods, an improved profit-sharing model, and ensured block finality.

Proof of Integrity

Once per year, 12 Council node seats on the Cyber Republic (CR) are elected by ELA community token holders. Council members operate their own validators, earn up to 35% from their 5000 ELA collateral, powering sidechains and guiding Elastos development through proposal voting on behalf of the community.


Merged-mined with Bitcoin since 2018, with a 28,220,000 supply by 2108, ELA serves as a reserve asset, governance token, transaction utility, and mining reward for Elastos. Elastos’ first block was mined by BTC.com

ELA, secured by Bitcoin

Available on leading exchanges, ELA realizes Satoshi’s 2010 vision for merge-mined coins by leveraging Bitcoin’s security and introducing new utilities for payment, governance, gas fees, and staking. With roughly 280.51 EH/s (50%) security from Bitcoin miners, ELA is one of the most secure digital assets in the world today.

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Elastos is unique in Web3

After over five years of development, Elastos has shown resilience and determination to bring a complete ecosystem solution to Web3. Welcome to the SmartWeb, everyone is invited.

Blockchain merge-mined with Bitcoin

Variable Bonded Proof of Stake

A total of 70+ BPoS nodes around the world

Mature DAO governance model

Infinite Ethereum compatible sidechains (Solidity)

Chain dedicated to self-sovereign identities

Dedicated Bitcoin Layer-2 environment

Decentralized DRM in Web3

Decentralized Runtime environment

Let’s Make the Web Smarter, Together

Everyone – user, validator, developer or explorer – is able to grow with Elastos and the SmartWeb.
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Build the Next

Create the next generation of business tools, DeFi applications and creative platforms with our open-source, decentralized tech stack.

Cyber Republic DAO

Get involved with Elastos Governance, apply for grants, discover updates on proposed ecosystem changes.

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Getting started with Elastos is easy with the Essentials Super-Wallet. Instantly receive a DID, access dStorage and manage dApps on your phone.