Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – Sep 3rd, 2023

In the recent Elastos Bi-Weekly update, significant progress was made across various aspects of the project. The Gelaxy Team continues to develop the BPoS staking rewards dashboard, conducted rigorous testing for potential malicious transactions in the new BPoS Consensus algorithm, and improved the mainchain explorer. They also explored BTC Layer 2 integration possibilities.

On the Elastos sidechain front, efforts were focused on enhancing the Developer Incentive Program, investigating gas fee adjustments, and exploring integration solutions with BTC Layer 2 projects such as the Lightning Network and RSK.  The team embarked on an in-depth exploration of the KYC documentation from some outside providers.

In the realm of DID (Decentralized Identiifer), significant strides were made in advancing the UI/UX of the DID web service, integrating third-party OAUTH authentication, and introducing features for Verified Credentials (VCs) management. The team also worked on upgrading the DID SDK for improved database storage using an asynchronous API model.

Within the Carrier component, test cases were refined, and Java/Native components were enhanced to boost the stability for the Active Proxy service. All of these developments underline Elastos’ dedication to strengthening its blockchain infrastructure, expanding BTC Layer 2 integration, and advancing technologies like DID and Carrier.

Elastos Mainchain

  • Integrated a BPoS stake rewards dashboard into the testnet and enhanced browser functionality to display this dashboard.
  • Concluded relevant testing for potential malicious transactions in the new BPoS Consensus algorithm.
  • Addressed the abnormal quit issues observed in the Mainchain ELA node and the solution has been validated through testing.
  • Enhanced the Mainchain explorer to display transaction counts, address counts, and average block time, which is now in testnet.
  • Investigated the BTC Layer 2 project with merged mining capabilities, providing foundational insights for future integrations with BTC Layer 2.

Elastos Sidechain

  • Continue to improve the decentralized solution for the Developer Incentive Program.
  • Investigated the feasibility of gas fee adjustments based on gas price through CR Proposals.
  • Explored integration solutions with BTC Layer 2 projects, including the Lightning Network, RSK, and more.

DID Web Service

  • Continue to enhance the UI/UX design and implementation of the DID web service, integrating design elements from Essentials.
  • Enhanced the interface to create new DIDs, delete a specific DID and manage active DIDs, showcase the DID Identities list.
  • Designed a detailed page for Verified Credentials (VCs) and introduced some functionalities for VCs, such as removing a specific VC or importing an existing VC to the web service.
  • Integrated third-party OAUTH authentication and DID binding.
  • Enabled functionalities like DID Identity management and VC issuance requests.
  • Introduced interactive widgets for activity tracking and security monitoring.
  • Developed a page showcasing self-claimed VCs data.
  • Implemented email binding with the DID account and showcased it on the security center page
  • Improved VC display with sorting options.
  • Started to enhance DID visuals by obtaining its icons on Hive/Vault.
  • Revamped the KeyRing service for better private key management.
  • Bolstered authentication processes especially on the PassKey system


  • Delved into some KYC documentation and started the according integration.
  • Started prototype development for passport/ID card captures in the web service.


  • Upgraded the DID JavaScript SDK, introducing a tailored DID storage interface for specific application storage. Transitioned to an asynchronous API model for database storage.
  • Ensured the asynchronous API model’s smooth transition through test case validations.


  • Refined test cases within Carrier Native (C/C++) node
  • Enhanced Java/Native components in Carrier, boosting the Active Proxy mechanism for better stability.
  • Launched a new Carrier version. Further development is on hold as requested.

The Gelaxy Team and Trinity Team