Overview of Elastic Consensus

Auxiliary Proof of Work (AuxPoW)

Elastos’ Mainchain is merge-mined with Bitcoin, where Bitcoin miners contribute their hash rate and compete to produce blocks; these miners receive ELA rewards alongside BTC.

Allows the safety and security benefits of Bitcoin to be integrated across the Elastos ecosystem.

Bonded Proof of Stake (BPoS)

BPoS is a unique delegated proof of stake consensus mechanism that provides variable bonding times, an improved profit share model, increased inactive/active validator mobility, and secure block finality. Together these ensure a stable and efficient foundation for Elastos SmartWeb.

Proof of Integrity (Cyber Republic DAO)

 The Elastos ecosystem is the home of a grassroots movement dedicated to building and securing adoption for Elastos technologies. In alignment with Web3 principles, the Elastos ecosystem is shaped, directed, and governed by its constituents in the Cyber Republic DAO.

Proof of Integrity (Cyber Republic DAO)


(The governance, transaction utility and mining reward token for Elastic Consensus)