ELA powers the SmartWeb, and supports BeL2: Smart Everything direct in Bitcoin

There are only 28.22 million ELA available, and a halving schedule every four years. ELA shares many elements with BTC. With the advent of BeL2, this synchronicity is now realized by a Bitcoin Layer 2 solution combining with Elastos to make a true SmartWeb that includes native BTC. Smart Everything, direct in the World’s most popular – and secure – digital currency!

Staking Icon

Staking, voting, payments and security

With BPoS reliant on ELA, Cyber Republic voting using ELA, gas for transactions occurring in ELA, and ELA staking helping to secure BeL2, ELA is a utility token that is interwoven throughout the SmartWeb.

Elastos Coin

Available on major exchanges now

As an on-chain asset, ELA is available at Glide Finance on Elastos Smart Chain (ESC) and Uniswap on Ethereum (with a bridge to ESC). It can also be traded on Coinbase, Kucoin, Gate, Bitget, HTX and Crypto.com.

Staking to secure the network is managed within the Essentials app and further information can be found on the Staking Rewards dashboard.

Essentials - Your Passport to Elastos

Elastos Essentials is the official wallet application that provides full management support for your digital identity, contacts, decentralized storage, digital assets, and smart contract operations, as well as participation in ecosystem governance such as BPoS staking and CR DAO voting.