Introducing Essentials - The Super-Wallet

Take ownership of your identity & assets.

The Elastos Essentials official Super-Wallet application provides full management support for your digital identity, contacts, decentralized storage, digital assets, and smart contract operations, as well as participation in ecosystem governance such as BPoS staking and CR DAO voting.

Features that give you control

The road to Web3 begins here.

Digital Asset and Staking Support

Essentials makes managing your digital assets and staking participation simple. The Essentials Super-Wallet supports ELA and all Elastos ecosystem assets, as well as a number of assets from other prominent blockchain ecosystems.

Decentralized ID (DID)

On Essentials, registering your very own DID (or several!) is never more than a few clicks away. Get started carving out your own decentralized identity, so you can claim your piece of digital real estate in the metaverse!


Find your friends on Essentials, exchange DIDs, and begin chatting. Essentials retrieves all contact information directly from Elastos’ public identity ledger, so it’s always accurate and up to date.

Decentralized Applications

On Essentials, users can browse and engage third-party dApps developed by Elastos ecosystem teams. From decentralized social media on Feeds to Elacity’s DID-based NFT marketplace, Essentials serves as a portal many of Elastos’ most exciting applications and communities.

Decentralized Storage

Elastos Hive allows users to choose where they want to store specific pieces of their data. Essentials employs decentralized identities to secure user access to Hive storage, and provides user-friendly Hive Vault management services.

Secure Communication

Essentials offers a unique, user-friendly access point to Elastos Carrier’s Peer-to-Peer network. Just like other elements of the Elastos tech stack, Carrier’s private communication network is never more than a few taps away on Elastos Essentials.

Key Features