Open source: made for everyone, by everyone

The SmartWeb is made up of an ever-growing suite of technologies. These are enhanced, improved and changed by those using them. This is the beauty of open-source and collaborative ecosystem development.

 Elastos SmartWeb foundations - built for Bitcoin

Blockchain (Mainchain and sidechains)

Independent public, open-source blockchain with 50%+ BTC hashpower and sidechains with Solidity (EVM) executable smart contracts.

Storage (Hive)

Storage vault solutions with swappable constructs.

Comms (Carrier)

Safe and secure network for communication traffic and transmitting data.

Identity (DID)

DIF and W3C compliant identity solutions

Rights Management (DRM)

Digital Capsules, Access Tokens, Royalty Tokens and Distribution Rights Tokens combine and enable digital content trading in an access economy powered by smart contracts - a fair, decentralized media revolution.

Operating System (Runtime)

Ensuring the authenticity of user data ownership and ascertaining necessary rights to trade or consume data.

Elastos DAO
(Cyber Republic)

Consensus-based community governance mechanism.

What can I see in the SmartWeb right now?


Your passport to Elastos where you can vote, trade, transact and explore the whole Smartweb.


A hardware node that brings your Elastos Smartweb into your home and your direct control.


The home of the true Access Economy. Share and trade in digital assets.


A decentralization credit oracle bringing credit benefits on-chain.


Bitcoin Layer2 and Elastos combine to bring native BTC to the SmartWeb.


Elastos DEX on Layer2 Sidechain