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Our Story

A decentralized OS for the Intenet

Elastos was originally conceived by Rong Chen, an operating systems (OS) expert who began his studies in 1985 as a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In 1987, Rong worked with four fellow students in the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) to create software fetching data from Cray Supercomputers and render them on workstations, which eventually led to the creation of the world’s first web browser called Mosaic.


After a long career at Microsoft Research in the 1990s, in 2000, Rong began his journey to develop his own dream OS, Elastos, an operating system for the internet itself. In 2016, Rong successfully integrated blockchain into his Elastos project framework with the help of Elastos co-founder Feng Han, thus enabling a truly decentralized internet infrastructure where user data can be secured, owned, identifiable, and stored in a decentralized manner without third party involvement or central servers.

“We are creating a revolutionary internet infrastructure project set to ensure equality in the digital realm on a global scale.”

- Rong Chen

Founder, Elastos


Making your data work for you.

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Our Mission

To build accessible, open-source services for the world, so developers can build an internet where individuals own and control their data. We are recalibrating how the internet works and building core technologies around it to help users control and own their data.

We call our platform the Elastos SmartWeb. We are based across the globe, but are united in the belief that the Elastos SmartWeb has the power to change the world for the better.

Elastos Foundation (EF)

The Elastos Foundation (EF) is the core team dedicated to building out the foundational infrastructure of the Elastos Smartweb.

The EF is run by a three-person Board of Directors that make funding decisions and mediate interactions between decentralized and independent development teams.

Elastos the Name

The name “Elastos” comes from the phrase, “The Last OS”. Elastos comprises several tech components that when used in unison, create a decentralized operating system.

Independent Teams

A number of developer teams are hard at work building out Elastos’ core technologies.

While these core development teams work from EF’s vision and explore synergies with one another, each is fully independent and autonomous, and each serves as a unique contributor in a decentralized ecosystem development process.

Elastos SmartWeb (Web3)

The Elastos Smartweb encompasses Elastos’ core technologies and ecosystem DAO Cyber Republic, as well as all of the decentralized applications and other technical components contributed by individuals, developer teams, and other organizations across the Elastos ecosystem.

Cyber Republic

The Elastos ecosystem is the home of a grassroots movement dedicated to building and securing adoption for Elastos technologies. In alignment with Web3 principles, the Elastos ecosystem is shaped, directed, and governed by its constituents in the Cyber Republic DAO.
Make your voice heard in Cyber Republic!

$ELA Tokenomics


ELA is the native utility token of the Elastos ecosystem, and plays an integral utility role for the entire ecosystem.

~50% BTC

The Elastos Blockchain is backed by decentralized by BTC and BCH's hashrate.


Services that help developers build an internet where individuals own and control their data.

Elastos Foundation

Cyber Republic

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