Elastos SmartWeb
with Bitcoin at the heart

Welcome to open source, decentralized technologies for identity, security, communications, data storage and commerce. Build the next generation of games, marketplaces, financial services, social networks and business processes around the World’s most popular – and secure – digital currency.  This is the promise of the SmartWeb.

The SmartWeb: A history in the making

Elastos has been quietly building the promise of a SmartWeb since the early days of Web3. Open source, decentralized technologies for identity, security, communication, data storage and commerce are now being put to use to build the next generation of games, social networks, marketplaces, financial services and business processes.

The Elastos Foundation

The Elastos Foundation (EF) is a non-profit group, whose board is dedicated to building the foundational infrastructure of the Elastos SmartWeb.

The EF is responsible for broad funding decisions that further benefit the development of Elastos and Bitcoin Elastos Layer 2 (BeL2), and help mediate interactions between decentralized and independent development teams that comprise the genesis of the SmartWeb.

Their presence as a controlling entity was always planned to be temporary, so, with the culmination of milestones in the SmartWeb journey, they passed governance control of Elastos to the Cyber Republic (Elastos’ DAO), including a democratically elected 12 seat council. The Cyber Republic Council is now in its fourth year, with elections occurring annually.