“Elastos has consistently demonstrated both its technical and strategic vision for the future of Web 3, and we hope more developers will discover this growing ecosystem. As a leading provider of cloud services, we are looking forward to helping shape the future of Web3 with Elastos.” – Howie Hao Jiang, Web3 Chief Solution Architect at Tencent Cloud Europe.


In an exciting development for the Web3 industry, Elastos has joined hands with Tencent Cloud. Aiming to foster innovation and accelerate the growth of Web3, bringing forth a more inclusive and secure modern internet. With their combined expertise and shared vision of empowering a more inclusive and secure Web3, Elastos and Tencent Cloud are poised to accelerate the Web3 space, offering developers and startups new opportunities for growth and success.

The partnership between Elastos and Tencent Cloud sets the stage for a wide array of collaborative initiatives. Elastos is exploring the use of Tencent Cloud as a cloud service partner, leveraging its formidable infrastructure for a range of technology-related services and platform operations. For Tencent Cloud, the collaboration with Elastos provides greater access to Web3 expertise and decentralized technologies for its customers.

Reinforcing Web3 Infrastructure with Joint Business Development

Both Elastos and Tencent Cloud understand the significance of robust infrastructure in ensuring the success of Web3 projects. Their cooperation involves joint efforts to present Tencent Cloud as a reliable infrastructure option for developers and validators within the Elastos ecosystem. This tactical partnership aims to augment developers’ experience with the ease of access to Tencent Cloud’s remarkable resources. The collaboration further delves into the possibility of promoting Tencent Cloud as an infrastructure provider for developers and startups launching applications on Elastos, thereby fostering a dynamic and supportive atmosphere.

Seamless Integrations

Tencent Cloud will provide customized offers and incentives to builders on Elastos, enhancing the ecosystem’s access to Tencent Cloud’s services. Additionally, Tencent Cloud will introduce Elastos to its ecosystem partners, creating new avenues for collaboration and. Moreover, Tencent Cloud will offer Elastos the opportunity to showcase relevant Web3-related products and offers on its marketplace, providing exposure to a vast customer base and driving Web3 adoption.

Unleashing the Potential of Startups in the Web3 Universe

To cultivate the growth of inventive startups within the Web3 sector, Elastos will extend an invite to Tencent Cloud to join the Elastos Ecosystem and provide support to the innovative projects arising from this vibrant community. This includes direct participation in Elastos’ upcoming ‘Destiny Calls’ startup grant programme that aims to offer valuable support and resources to startups looking to build decentralized solutions. Through the partnership, Tencent Cloud will have the opportunity to directly nominate startups for this program from their existing large ecosystem of partners.

Similarly, Elastos will become a partner to Tencent Cloud’s ‘Web3 Startup program’, offering valuable support and cloud resources for startups, whilst also having the opportunity to nominate startups for this program.

Additional Marketing Synergies

The partnership between Elastos and Tencent Cloud will include joint marketing activities, leveraging their respective digital channels to encourage shared initiatives and accomplishments. They will also participate in joint event activities at industry conferences and trade fairs, further amplifying their collective presence and impact within the Web3 space.

Future Innovations and Service Integration

Elastos and Tencent Cloud will continue to explore joint business and product development opportunities, aiming to integrate Elastos and Tencent’s platforms and solutions into new cutting-edge services. The two parties will explore the integration of multiple best in class service providers to give Elastos ecosystem builders and users multiple choices for Web3-related services, including identity solutions, further fortifying the security and expediency of user identity management in the digital landscape and creating a more seamless and secure digital experience for the growing community of Web3 explorers and advocates.

The strategic partnership between Elastos and Tencent Cloud marks a significant milestone in the advancement of Web3 and the creation of a more inclusive and secure modern internet. By leveraging Tencent Cloud’s expertise and resources, Elastos is poised to accelerate innovation and empower developers and startups to build the next generation of decentralized services and solutions within its ecosystem.

“Elastos has consistently demonstrated both its technical and strategic vision for the future of Web 3, and we hope more developers will discover this growing ecosystem. As a leading provider of cloud services, we are looking forward to helping shape the future of Web3 with Elastos,” says Howie Hao Jiang, Web3 Chief Solution Architect at Tencent Cloud Europe.

Together, Elastos and Tencent Cloud are driving the adoption of Web3 technologies, fostering a thriving and collaborative environment where the possibilities for decentralized applications and services are limitless.

Stay tuned for an upcoming webinar exploring the opportunities between Elastos and Tencent Cloud.

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Leading decentralized ecosystem and tech provider, Elastos has announced it has retained industry leading Web3 marketing agency, Crowdcreate to support its emergence as a complete Web3 ecosystem and technology provider for decentralized products and services. 

With clients and partners such as layer 1 leaders Solana and Celo as well as popular Web3 and metaverse projects like The Sandbox, Upland and Jam City and even global real-world brands, such as NFL, Lenovo and Renault, Crowdcreate is considered one of the best growth marketing agencies in the industry. For Elastos, they will focus on expanding the audience for Elastos’ ecosystem projects and decentralized technology stack, leveraging their extensive influencer and media networks. 

“Elastos has come a long way since the early days of crypto,” says Ivan Kan, Co-Founder of Crowdcreate. “They are one of the few legacy projects that has not only survived, but has delivered on their visionary promise to build the foundational components of a decentralized Web3. We’re excited to help them reach new audiences and grow their amazing community.”

As strategic partners, Crowdcreate will look for opportunities to leverage Elastos’ decentralized identity solutions, foster partnerships and participate in community activities. 

“After a successful ‘snap back’ from a relatively quiet five years of building, Elastos can now boast a fully functional SDK suite for developers who are looking to build the next generation of decentralized solutions and platforms,” says Jamie Read, Strategy Lead for Elastos. “Since 2023 began, we’ve built amazing partnerships with the likes of Alibaba Cloud and Celo while reintroducing ourselves to the world of Web3. Now, we’re looking forward to working with Crowdcreate, to further expand awareness of our ecosystem to developers and projects that can benefit from our suite of decentralized identity solutions.”

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Witnet, a layer 1 decentralized oracle network and Elastos are partnering in an effort to build on Elastos’ transparent and secure financial suite for true decentralized trading, staking, lending and bridging on and off-chain through technology exchange and the extension of Witnet Foundation’s grant program. 

Witnet‘s oracle will add a crucial component for developers looking to build the next generation of decentralized financial products with fast, affordable and efficient transactions, leveraging Elastos’ dual-chain architecture, identity solutions, Essentials super wallet and unique Elastic Consensus.

Elastos Smart Chain (ESC) is already receiving the ELA/USDT price feed from the Witnet oracle and through the partnership, developers can also easily receive other feeds in a permissionless way, utilizing different internet protocols like HTTP GET and POST to receive any publicly available API fed into their contract. These tools give developers building on Elastos immense power to both improve upon their protocols and build additional ones for new use cases. 

And to encourage developers to build the next DeFi platforms on Elastos, the Witnet Foundation is extending its grant program to developers building within the ecosystem. 

“Elastos is a very exciting and unique ecosystem in the web3 world and this collaboration allows developers to expand their protocols beyond typical EVM chains and gain true security from Bitcoin’s incredible hashrate and Elastos’s unique utilization of it,” says Ben, community manager for Witnet. “With cryptoeconomic security at the forefront of this partnership, Elastos developers can be sure they are getting security from the Elastos chain, and secure data into their contracts from a separate layer 1 that is Witnet.”

Take Control of your Financial Destiny

Powered and secured by the cryptoeconomic incentive of the $WIT coin, the Witnet network was purpose built to tackle the lack of authentic, truthful, and secure data available within closed systems like in blockchain. Witnet tackles this problem with its sophisticated consensus algorithm called Proof of Random Eligibility. This means that nodes are essentially anonymously and randomly selected based on their previous performance within the network and how honest they are. This prevents node collusion and front-running and negates common exploits in DeFi protocols caused by oracle attacks.

According to Witnet, it is the most secure oracle network in Web3 because of its advanced measures to protect DeFi protocols that rely on secure, immutable data feeds in their smart contracts. This is why the Witnet oracle is able to secure over $300,000,000 in on-chain value.

“Witnet is a top pricing oracle with a unique consensus that ensures it is one of the most secure in the industry. That’s not unlike Elastos, with our Elastic Consensus, and our industry-leading Main Chain that uses merge-mining technology of the Bitcoin blockchain to exponentially increase security,” says Fakhul Miah, Elastos’ Growth Lead. “So with access to a top industry pricing oracle and Elastos’ full suite of decentralized technologies for DeFi, as well as Witnet’s generous grants program, this partnership will usher in new opportunities for users to forge their financial destinies.”

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