Cyber Republic Council Election Announcement

We are pleased to announce that the 4th annual Cyber Republic Council Election has officially begun at block height 1,415,649. The voting process for the election will commence once the first candidate registers. The election will last approximately one month and conclude on block height 1,437,249, or around May 30th. After the election, 12 new Council seats will be elected to analyze Suggestions and approve Proposals to better the Cyber Republic ecosystem.


After the election, newly elected members will have around 13 days to configure their nodes before officially joining the CR Council. The transition phase for the incoming Council will begin at block height 1,437,250, estimated to be around May 30th, 2023. The transition period is scheduled to conclude by block height 1,447,330, or around June 13th, 2023. The new Council will officially take office on the same day at block height 1,447,331.

Candidates must meet specific eligibility criteria to qualify as a candidate for the CR Council. The candidate is required to deposit 5,000 ELA to participate in the election. If the candidate is not elected, the deposit will be refunded. ELA is utilized for voting in the CR Council elections. 

The top 12 candidates with the most votes will earn CR Council seats. Each Council seat has an obligation to run its own Supernode. For Council node deployment, please refer to this Node Deployment Guide. The term for each member will last approximately one year or 262,800 main chain blocks. 

For detailed guidance on how to run for a Council seat or cast your vote in the CR Council Election, please consult the Voting and Registration Guide, which is accessible through the Essentials Wallet. The Election is a pivotal element of the Elastic Consensus that governs the Cyber Republic. Please refer to the CR Whitepaper for a comprehensive understanding of the CR governance system.

If the Council candidates wish to introduce themselves to the community, please complete the Cyber Republic Election form. Your vote carries significant weight! Pledge your ELA and support the most capable candidates who can drive the growth and advancement of the CR ecosystem.

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