Meet Elastos Digerati: Providing News and Updates for Elastos

Rong Chen, the founder of Elastos, has spent the last two decades building a Smart Web that is secure, decentralized, and accessible to everyone. Now, in 2023, all of the necessary components of the infrastructure are finally coming together, and the Elastos Digerati Team is ready to share it with the world. So what’s the definition of Digerati? Dictionary.com defines it as “people skilled with or knowledgeable about digital technologies, especially computers and the internet.” Given the expertise of this newly established group, the name Digerati seemed quite fitting for the team name.

Comprised of five dedicated individuals who have been with the project since the beginning, the Elastos Digerati Team is on a mission to spread the word about the Elastos ecosystem and infrastructure. The Team is eager to connect with the community and share the latest updates and developments on Elastos.Info and various social media channels. In addition, they will be hosting AMA sessions with core team members and contributors. They will be active on social media, engaging with the community and the wider crypto audience to spread the word about the exciting things happening with Elastos.

The time has come for Elastos to shine, and the Elastos Digerati Team is leading the charge. Stay tuned for exclusive updates and insights as they work tirelessly to bring the full potential of the Elastos project to life. So, let’s meet the team.


Cassie Z- Team Lead

In 2019, Cassie Z joined the Elastos core teams as a project manager, working on critical projects across the US and China. Since 2021, she’s been serving as the Secretary General of the Cyber Republic (Elastos DAO). In this role, Cassie has overseen the global Secretariat Team and is responsible for essential operations, including communications, maintenance, and the operation of the Elastos DAO consensus.

Fast forward to December 2022, the former Info Team had left the Elastos community. In response, Cassie decided to establish the Digerati Team to continue and expand the work previously carried out by the Info Team. Prior to joining Elastos, she accumulated over 10 years of project management experience across the medical and automobile industries in the US and China. Cassie’s leadership and determination ensured that the vital work of the Info Team would continue, even in the face of adversity.

Jeremy G- Lead Writer/Editor

Jeremy G has been a dedicated Elastos advocate since the project launched. He became heavily involved in the community through platforms like Telegram and Reddit. He was particularly interested in the potential for investing in and being a part of the Web 3.0.

In 2018, Jeremy joined the CR Press, a community-run group, and published hundreds of articles about Elastos and the Cyber Republic. He also participated as an original Supernode in the DPoS system as part of the Enter Elastos group, which ran three nodes and played a crucial role in the community. 

Jeremy also spent a year as the lead writer for the CR Monthly Updates, which provided detailed information on Suggestions and Proposals considered and passed by the CRC. He even took on the role of Elastos Guardian for a few months, helping community members navigate the ecosystem and answering any technical questions they had. Jeremy now serves as the Lead Content Writer and Editor for Elastos Digerati.


Michael R- Social Media Manager

Michael R became interested in cryptocurrency in 2017 and immediately jumped at the opportunity to participate in the Elastos project. As an active community member, he quickly found a place within the CR Press, becoming the lead social media lead and keeping the community posted on new and original content. He also spent some time as a member of the Elastos Moderators, helping to support the community to be engaged and informed.

Michael is the Social Media Manager for Elastos Digerati. He maintains and posts on social media platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram channels. His wealth of experience in the Social Media realm will give Elastos Digerati a boost in engagement and material consistency. 

Big P- Social Media Manager (Twitter)

Big P first discovered the world of cryptocurrency in the summer of 2017 and was immediately drawn to the potential of projects like Elastos. As soon as the project launched later that year, he jumped at the chance to get involved. Big P joined the Enter Elastos Supernodes and worked on various exciting projects, including the #Fundmydapp competition, CryptoNames, and Elabox. Later on, he set up the Cyber Republic News Feed Twitter account to stay connected to the Elastos community and up-to-date on the latest news and developments.

Big P serves as the Manager for the Elastos Twitter account. His passion and dedication to the project will be necessary to the Elastos Digerati Team. Messaging and communication via the Twitter platform will be of utmost importance in this critical role for Big P.

Vegas Mike- Senior Graphic Designer

Vegas Mike has been one of the most significant contributors amongst all the Elastos community members since Day 1. Vegas Mike has generated hundreds of images and artwork showcasing the passion and creativity he contributes to the project. Vegas Mike helped design the logo for Elabox, was also a key member of the Elastos Wild Strawberries Supernode, and elected to serve on the Cyber Republic Council (Elastos DAO) for two years. 

Many don’t know this, but Vegas Mike has acclaimed credit in several publications as being the first to design and manufacture snowboard apparel with worldwide distribution. A decade later, he went on to pioneer the Freestyle Motocross movement by launching FLESHGEAR apparel brand, which soon after secured a partnership with Fox Racing as an investor. He was also heavily involved in designing album and CD covers and custom band apparel in the music industry and would market his brands through his relationships with record labels and famous rock star friends.

Vegas Mike is the Senior Lead Graphic Designer for Elastos Digerati. His role is to shape the brand and create logos and graphics that best cater to the project’s messaging.

Elastos Digerati will serves as the primary source of official updates and news releases related to the Elastos project. They will act as a liaison and central hub between all of the teams working on Elastos, and the community and outside stakeholders, by gathering information and updates from the various teams, and disseminating it in a timely and accurate manner.