How to Vote in the Elastos Cyber Republic 5th Year Election: Complete Guide

Cyber Republic Voting Guide

Voting in the Elastos Cyber Republic election is crucial because it embodies the principles of decentralisation and community governance. The Cyber Republic DAO empowers everyone by allowing you to participate directly in decision-making processes and the strategic direction of Elastos. By voting, stakeholders can influence the development of technologies that integrate blockchain with the internet, ensuring a more secure, open, and decentralised web.

By staking ELA and voting, you can not only help secure the network through the BPOS staking mechanism but also contribute to a system where technological innovations are driven by community needs and priorities, rather than centralised authorities. Interested in running as a candidate? Follow our guide here. So, let’s jump straight into the process of voting, allowing you to actively engage with and contribute to the Cyber Republic’s governance!

Step 1: Preparing to Vote

Elections are hosted on the Essentials Wallet. Download the Essentials Wallet here!

iOS Essentials Wallet

Android Essentials Wallet

Voting is performed using ELA from the Elastos Mainchain. You can obtain Mainchain ELA and deposit it into your wallet via Kucoin.  Alternatively, you can acquire Smart Chain ELA through Glide Finance and transfer it to Mainchain ELA within Essentials.

Step 2: Staking ELA

Ensure ELA is in the Mainchain Wallet: If you already have staked ELA in Essentials, head over to Step 3.

Open your Essentials Wallet.

Navigate to the Staking tab.

Click the “Stake” button at the bottom right.

Enter the amount of ELA you wish to stake (1 ELA = 1 vote). Remember to keep a small amount, like 0.1 ELA, unstaked for potential transaction fees.

Confirm by signing the transaction.

Remember, transactions are merged mined with Bitcoin, which might take longer. Typically, it should reflect in your wallet within 5 minutes.

Step 3. Voting for Cyber Republic Candidates

Go back to the wallet’s home screen, select the “Cyber Republic” or “CR Council” option.

Tap on “Vote” at the top right of the interface.

Select the candidates you want to support.

Distribute your votes. You can allocate all to one candidate or spread them across multiple candidates.

Confirm your choice by clicking “Cast Votes” and sign the transaction. Once you’ve cast your votes, allow about five minutes for the transaction to process; your votes will then be officially tallied under the candidates’ totals. If you wish to modify or retract your votes later, simply revisit the voting or staking sections of the wallet. Adjust your vote allocations or unstake your ELA respectively, confirming each transaction as required.

Important Dates:
The election period this year is set from April 28 (Block height 1,678,450) to roughly June 28 (Block height 1,700,050), you can monitor the current block height here. For additional details on the election process, including information on how to find a candidate sponsor, please read the Cyber Republic whitepaper and follow the Cyber Republic Twitter.

And that’s it! As we step into the 5th year of empowering the Elastos ecosystem through decentralised governance, we encourage all community members to participate actively in shaping the future of Cyber Republic. This process not only facilitates your active participation in Elastos’ governance but also advances the broader mission of fostering a decentralised, secure, and empowered digital ecosystem. Best of luck to all candidates! For the latest updates on all things Elastos, follow us here!