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Elastos and Dmail Partner for Intelligent Messaging

Elastos and Dmail Partner

Elastos is partnering with Dmail, who are building an AI-powered decentralized infrastructure that provides seamless, anonymous messaging and notification services across multiple chains and applications. What sets Dmail apart is its revolutionary Subscription Hub, designed to elevate communication strategies. This…

Elastos and Applicature partner to support ecosystem growth

Elastos and Applicature partner

Elastos and Applicature are partnering to support ecosystem growth across both Applicature’s Game Changer Program and Elastos’ Destiny Calling grant program.  We’re excited to announce that Elastos is joining forces with Applicature, a San Francisco-based crypto venture builder and accelerator.…

Who Controls Your Gaming Destiny?

Elastos asks: Who Controls Your Gaming Destiny?

Who Controls Your Gaming Destiny? As we build towards a new concept of a decentralized web, we need to come together to agree on what a self-sovereign, equitable Web3 looks like, what it requires and how we can work together…

Morfyus and Elastos Sign MOU

Morfyus and Elastos sign MOU

Partnership looks to explore building the leading talent platform for web3. Today, Elastos is proud to announce the signing of an MOU with Morfyus, a talent marketplace and enterprise services platform on Web3 for Web3. Morfyus provides talent with the…

Alibaba Cloud and Elastos Partnership

Alibaba Cloud and Elastos Strategic Partnership

[UPDATE] Alibaba Cloud and Elastos have announced their joint webinar exploring how the partnership can unlock new opportunities for developers looking to build the next generation of decentralized applications. Join us on Tuesday, May 30! Register here. Alibaba Cloud and…