Elastos and Applicature are partnering to support ecosystem growth across both Applicature’s Game Changer Program and Elastos’ Destiny Calling grant program. 

We’re excited to announce that Elastos is joining forces with Applicature, a San Francisco-based crypto venture builder and accelerator. Applicature offer full service blockchain development, marketing, funding, key relationship development, and advisory services to accelerate the growth of projects in supply chain, banking and finance, gaming, real estate, healthcare and media. 

The partnership will see Elastos supporting Applicature’s Game Changer Program, as a distinguished member of the Advisory Panel, assisting in co-marketing, partnerships and events. Applicature will actively participate in Elastos’ upcoming grant program, Destiny Calling, providing a generous discount on services to participating projects and extending to all Elastos ecosystem projects. The services eligible for this discounted arrangement encompass a comprehensive range of support, including:

“This partnership signifies a commitment between Elastos and Applicature to work together towards the growth and development of the broader blockchain ecosystem,” says Ana Y, Head of Acceleration & Incubation at Applicature. 

“The enthusiasm and expertise Applicature brings to the Elastos ecosystem and our efforts in attracting more projects and builders through the Destiny Calling grant program is a sign of great things to come!” adds Fakhul Miah, Elastos’ head of growth.

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