As we enter the last days of the Elastos Cyber Republic Council’s election period, it struck us that Elastos has changed quite a bit since the last election. Given the ecosystem’s evolution from technology-focused building towards more commercialization and community as well as the introduction of the new Elastic Consensus, perhaps it is worth imagining what an ideal council could look like.

What skill sets, experiences, passions and influences could be focused towards a singular, shared goal of making Elastos the pinnacle of Web3? Here are some of our imaginings, and just maybe you might see yourself in one of these roles. (If you do, be sure to apply for a Council seat)

We Present to you, ‘The Elastos Twelve:’ 

Did we miss anybody? 

Who would you like to see run for Elastos Cyber Republic Council Election?

And if you happen to know anyone who fits one of the descriptions above, have them fill out this form! They can help guide Elastos and be part of the future of Web3.

The article and graphics were created by the Elavation Team.

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