Welcome Elastos’ Elavation Team to the Ecosystem

Elastos is pleased to welcome the Elavation Team, the ecosystem’s first dedicated task force focused on developing a commercialization and go-to-market strategy and spearheading its execution. With a major surge in infrastructure development and feature augmentation in 2022, the Elastos community has a great deal to be proud of and share with the broader web3 space. The Elavation Team will work to ensure a more cohesive Elastos brand and product story in order to build visibility, grow the community and support business development initiatives within the decentralized ecosystem.

Alongside stellar marketing and PR campaigns to spread awareness, making tangible progress toward adoption requires forming deep relationships amongst stakeholders within and beyond the Elastos ecosystem, and calls upon a specific subset of expertise and industry experience. The Elavation Team joins the ecosystem at a crucial time, when technical milestones are sliding into place and the web3 movement is beginning to pick up traction. 

“From the outside looking in, Elastos has so much going for it. Considering the popularity of other ecosystems without any core technology, we have an amazing opportunity to thrust Elastos back into the spotlight and be unapologetic about the fact that we’ve been quietly building the decentralized web of the future. It will require the entire Elastos ecosystem to work together, communicate a unified narrative, nurture a supportive community and put in a lot of hard work, but it’s time for Elastos to come out of its shell,” says Jamie Read, Strategy Lead. 

Elavation BD: Mission & KPIs

The Elavation Team aims to connect with the core community, focus and streamline communications, and align incentives between key stakeholders and contributors in the Elastos ecosystem. The team will identify opportunities to add value, form new partnerships, and most importantly, drive adoption of the Elastos tech stack and native ecosystem applications.

The team is committed to supporting the Elastos ecosystem to achieve its goals, and will operate with a number of Key Performance Metrics (KPIs) to assess its progress:

  • Increase Elastos’ user base
  • Drive web traffic to Elastos web domains and grow followings on official social channels
  • Onboard new developers and technologists to the ecosystem
  • Grow reach for a relaunched Elastos brand through PR and engagement with developers through targeted marketing.
  • Land investment from external funds and organizations
  • Support price milestone targets in ELA to ensure profitability for Supernode operators and support Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC) funding allocation processes

Elastos Elavation 100-Day Roadmap

Elavation: The Team

The Elavation team is led by a select group of experienced individuals that have held previous leadership positions within the ecosystem, in the broader web3 space, and traditional industries. Team leads hold backgrounds and industry experience that span across finance, technology, marketing, and business development. Most importantly, the team features both familiar faces and new names ready to contribute creativity, add value, and deliver results on behalf of Elastos. Please note that the Elavation team plans to hire one additional business development hire for the Americas Region.

Fakhul Miah – Team Lead: Fakhul has over 15 years experience in the investment banking industry at Morgan Stanley. Prior, he was the Global Head of Institutional Margin Financing, Margin Technology Development, and Risk Control. Fakhul is currently serving his second successive term as an elected Council Member for the Elastos Cyber Republic DAO, with notable achievements including CRC DAO registration in the USA, contracting K&L Gates, contracting TLGG, engaging Kairon Labs, facilitating exchange listings, and supporting several ecosystem projects.

Jamie Read – Strategy Lead: Jamie has 20 years of strategic marketing and entrepreneurial consultation experience across numerous industries, including fintech, web3, healthcare, technology, food, and international trade. He has built award-winning integrated marketing teams in North America, the Middle East, and Asia for Fortune 500 clients, governments, NGOs, and startups.

Greg Arding – Execution Lead: Following a career in education and business as a teacher, leader, and trainer in multiple disciplines including IT, English, Math, and Sports, Greg has been involved with Web3, crypto, and DeFi since 2017. He has helped manage communities and social media, curated and created written content, and secured business development relationships with projects across multiple blockchain networks. Furthermore, he has demonstrated a loyalty and enthusiasm for Elastos and Cyber Republic. As an ardent advocate for Elastos, he raised the initial suggestion to create an Elastos Growth team.

Jonathan Hargreaves – Global Investment & EMEA BD: Jonathan has over 25 years experience working with technology companies in web sectors to build global brands that inspire trust. During 15 years at Edelman as Global Vice Chairman responsible for technology, he developed methodologies to drive both marketing and business development. This experience covered three generations of the web, starting with Microsoft in the early 2000s where the need to develop trust around online activity was crucial to reversing negative reputation following antitrust investigations. In the next generation of the web, Jonathan worked with brands such as LinkedIn, Airbnb, and Box to articulate the revolution in social media engagement.

Ryan Collette – Technical BD:  Ryan has been active in the cryptocurrency space since 2017, and has over 3 years of experience as a software developer, having led or assisted in developing several projects within the Elastos ecosystem. Prior to dedicating himself to web3 full time, Ryan received a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, where he researched the irradiation performance of 3D-printed stainless steels for use in next-generation nuclear reactors. His research includes extensive experience in modeling and simulation, massively parallel computing, experimental design, and data analysis. After several years of studying and experimenting with web3 as an investor, node operator, and dApp developer, Ryan has developed a strong understanding of the technologies that underpin the space, and how user experience is imperative to making successful products. As the founder of Glide Finance, a second term member of the Cyber Republic Council and a representative for the DAO’s legal arm, a participant in Elastos’ validator community, and a signer on several multi-sig committees, Ryan’s focus has been bringing decentralized finance (DeFi) to the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC) and expanding its presence.

Agnes Serenio – Asia Pacific BD: Agnes is a Business Development Manager in web3 with 7 years of experience in B2B sales working as a Sales and Marketing Manager in FMCG and SaaS Business Development. Her sales approach is consultation-focused, and she takes time to understand a client’s needs before advising on a solution. Coming from web2 SaaS, she believes in what web3 stands for, and has been doing freelance work for projects since January 2022. Agnes’ web3 experience has involved pitching to VCs for seed and private funding, closing other meaningful partnerships, liaising with listing partners such as Launchpads, Centralized Exchanges (CEXs), and NFT marketplaces, dealing with gaming guilds, communities, and utility and solution providers such as market makers, closing integration partnerships, and continually finding and exploring new use cases of various technologies.

As the Elastos BD team gets its hands dirty pushing the Elastos ecosystem into the spotlight, keep up-to-date and in-the-know with all of the latest development and news from around the Elastos ecosystem right here on the official Elastos Info Blog.