Tuum Tech: Taking Charge in 2021

With quarter one now behind us, 2021 has already proven to be a year of tremendous promise and strategic transition for the Elastos ecosystem. Without missing a step, Elastos continues to power ahead – with much positive encouragement and attention from our community and the market alike – and both coordination between mobile and web-based platforms and adoption are fast becoming primary initiatives for our ecosystem.

As one of the Elastos ecosystem’s most prominent teams, Tuum Technologies is poised to become for Elastos and the Web3 movement what Consensys is for Ethereum:

A multi-disciplinary team with the deep technical background to build technologies with real-world use cases, and the communications expertise to promote them, network effectively, and deliver on successful initiatives that lead to adoption.

In the year past, Tuum remained under the radar, developing a strong brand and onboarding a team of talented software engineers, tech experts, and designers to position itself in preparation to take on a critical role. Now, with a growing web presence, professional documentation, and strong leadership from Founder Donald Bullers, Tuum Technologies and its software engineering focus have emerged as one of the Elastos’ ecosystem’s most powerful and promising organizations.

The team’s foremost objective is to enable developers and users worldwide to build and access applications powered by the Elastos tech stack, and to do so without borders or friction. To deliver on their mission in quarters two, three, and four, the Tuum team is bringing all hands on deck.

Here’s what Tuum Technologies has lined up for the Elastos ecosystem for 2021:

1. Fresh Website

Tuum Technologies has already launched their brand new landing page and website to welcome developers and users exploring the Elastos ecosystem. Hop on over and have a look:

Visit Site

2. Open Source Product Suite

Tuum’s product suite consists of Assist, Vouch, Profile and getDIDs.com, which will serve millions of users as Elastos grows to become one of the largest Web3 projects in the world. Each of these products will be enhanced, open sourced, and made available on Tuum’s developer portal to serve future development needs.

3. Infrastructure Development

As the leading provider of the most trusted Elastos-powered solutions, the Tuum Technologies engineering team will work directly with mobile development teams while building out web-based solutions. Code will be developed and published to Elastos GitHub, and will include:

    • Version 1.2.10 is available now on GitHub (pure JS only).
    • There is constant development in the native DID SDK, so the team will continue to develop the DID JS SDK in sync.
    • Tuum will add features that are unique to DID JS SDK to make it as easy as possible for other web developers to easily integrate to their platform.
  • Hive JS SDK
    • Development in progress.
    • Tuum will develop the functionalities that are available on Native/Java/Swift Hive SDK on JS Hive SDK too.
    • The team will add features that are unique to Hive JS SDK to make it as easy as possible for other web developers to easily integrate into their platform.
  • Elastos Essentials SDK
    • The Trinity Tech team is developing the Elastos Essentials JS SDK that can be utilized by websites such as Profile for sign-in functions using DID, Hive auth, running smart contracts, adding credentials, signing data with DID, and more.
    • As Profile has the most to gain from an SDK of this nature, Tuum will provide support in development of this SDK as it pertains to web development such as the proxy service that will be utilized in performing all actions mentioned above.
    • The goal is to have a QR code for everything that can be generated using this SDK so that users can easily use Elastos Essentials to perform all actions listed above.
    • Support on both the server side development (Elastos.Essentials.Connectivity.Server.NodeJS.SDK) and client side development (Elastos.Essentials.Connectivity.Client.JS.SDK).

As Tuum is witnessing growing developer demand for these SDKs, and it will be a priority for Tuum’s engineering team to focus on the DID and Hive JS SDKs in Q2 2021.

4. Websites

Over the next 3 to 6 months, Tuum Technologies will be prioritizing the production of high-quality websites with intuitive UX/UIs, cohesive branding, and simplified messaging in order to express and proliferate Elastos technologies more effectively. Here are updates where Tuum will be allocating the most attention:

  • New Tuum Tech (tuum.tech) showcasing Elastos for web and client-side solutions.
  • New Elastos Official (elastos.org) to provide a clear overview of all things Elastos.
  • New Elastos Info (elastos.info) to provide an expansive overview of the Elastos ecosystem.
  • New Elastos Academy (elastos.academy) to simplify Elastos educational resources and use cases.
  • New Elastos Essentials website to highlight the Elastos Super-Wallet.
  • New developer portal dedicated to web.
  • New developer portal dedicated to mobile.
  • New developer landing page (developer.elastos.org).


5. Documentation and Services

Attracting development requires documentation and service offerings that are easy to locate, read, and understand. Thus, for Elastos technology to ever achieve adoption at the scale required to build the Web3 infrastructure of the future, producing simple and intuitive documentation and service offerings must be a top priority in the near-term.

In 2021, Tuum Technologies will be leading by example by establishing a developer portal to showcase the documentation and services made available by their team. Tuum will also work closely with Trinity Tech and product team leaders, as their documentation and services undergo the same treatment. It cannot be emphasized strongly enough how important these efforts are for attracting developers to use Elastos technologies.

Tuum’s open source developer portal will include:

Q2 2021: DID JS SDK, Hive JS SDK, Assist API service, and Profile (profile.site)

  • Documentation will be the most important element, as it is what developers use to determine whether they want to use Elastos’ services. Tuum will ensure that documentation is easy to follow so that it serves every developer’s needs.
  • Tuum will design and build a new comprehensive landing page for developer.elastos.org.
  • Tuum Technologies will also begin development on a developer-friendly portal for Elastos tech primarily focused on our services at docs.tuum.tech.
  • Tuum will begin with DID JS SDK and Hive JS SDK.
  • Tuum will make a major change to the Assist API service that will utilize DIDs as an authentication mechanism.
  • Tuum will open the Assist API service to the public.
  • Tuum will allow any and all developers to easily utilize the Assist API service to quickly publish DID transactions for free (up to a predefined daily limit).
  • Tuum will continue working on the alpha release of Profile (profile.site) and deploy the production version (with Elastos Essentials support).

Q3 2021: Elastos Essentials JS SDK, DID JS SDK Update, Profile Mobile App, Tuum Nodes, and Profile API Service

  • Tuum will provide documentation for the Elastos Essentials JS SDK.
  • Tuum will sync the DID JS SDK to utilize DID 2.0 and integrate it onto getDIDs.com and Profile (profile.site).
  • Tuum will start development of a mobile app for Profile and release a first mobile version.
  • Tuum will integrate all the features of Vouch app and the Vouch API service into Profile.site and will decommission Vouch once it is no longer needed.
  • Tuum will continue to develop Profile (profile.site) and will use Ethereum smart contracts to add more features, including early forms of NFTs for badges on Profile.
  • Tuum will set up Tuum Technologies nodes for the Mainchain, Decentralized Identity Sidechain (DID), Smart Contract Sidechain (ETH), Peer-to-Peer Network (Carrier), and Decentralized Storage (Hive) that anyone in the world can utilize.
  • Tuum will implement a major change to the Profile API service whereby anyone will be able utilize the service and to integrate it onto their own website – not just the Profile webapp. Similar to Google’s “Sign in with Google” tool, Tuum will provide a way for anyone to integrate “Sign in with Profile” onto their websites whereby they will be able to retrieve any useful info such as the DID owner’s name, age, education degree, experience, and more.
  • This service provides a new use case because websites will be able to retrieve verified credentials from DID users. For example: a website that requires users to be 18 years of age can use “Sign in with Profile”, get verified credentials for age, and immediately determine whether the user is at least 18 years old without having to perform KYC in-house. Such a feature will reduce a lot of friction that is native to conventional models where every website must perform its own KYC repeatedly.

Q4 2021: Profile Mobile App and Tuum Testnet

  • Release mobile app for Profile.
  • Continue to develop Profile (profile.site) and add more features.
  • Set up a Tuum Tech testnet that anyone can utilize. This testnet will contain nodes for Mainchain (Blockchain), Decentralized Identity Sidechain (DID), Smart Contract Sidechain (ETH) and Decentralized Storage (Hive) that anyone in the world can utilize during their local development. As part of this, we’ll also create our own faucet where developers can easily request test ELA for the Mainchain (Blockchain), or any sidechain wallets directly. Decentralized Storage (Hive) testnet would just be a simple Hive node that anyone can utilize for testing purposes.

Q1 2022: Goals and Milestones

  • Continue to develop Profile (profile.site) and Mobile app version and add more features.
  • Major development to Profile API service that will utilize Elastos Decentralized Identities (DIDs) as an authentication mechanism so it can be integrated by any web or mobile apps. The main purpose of this is to monetize the API layer so that third party websites and developers can easily request user data whereby they are paying to retrieve some form of user data. At this point, users will be able to sell their data on a monthly basis to any number of third party websites and developers and get paid for selling their data.

6. Education and Public Outreach In addition to its commitment to the development and adoption of Elastos-powered technologies, Tuum Technologies is invested in a secondary mission to offer and expand availability of educational tools and resources pertaining to Elastos. According to Tuum, it is a careful balance of development efforts and effective communication that will produce the breakthroughs necessary to achieve major adoption.

Through social media, interviews, and participation in organizations such as the World Economic Forum, Tuum Technologies will be at the forefront of Elastos’ growth for many years to come.

At the World Economic Forum, Donald Bullers is the Elastos Foundation representative participating in multiple task forces dedicated to Data Policy. This service provided by Tuum Technologies brings Elastos into the Web3 discussion on a global scale, and provides access to participation in future pilot programs

To connect with Tuum Technologies and its growing community, check in on the following platforms





And as always, to remain fully up-to-date with all the latest news and developments in the Elastos ecosystem, stay tuned here on the official Elastos Info Blog.