Tuna Chain and Elastos Partner to Enhance Blockchain Interoperability

Elastos Tuna Chain

Tuna Chain is a Layer 2 solution that operates on Bitcoin while integrating with Ethereum. The platform’s modularity, powered by Celestia, minimizes transaction costs and enhances trust and efficiency. Tuna Chain supports Solana, Ethereum, and Bitcoin transactions and is compatible with leading wallets, ensuring broad utility and flexibility.

Elastos and Tuna Chain are partnering to improve blockchain interoperability. This partnership aims to create an easier experience for users to interact with Bitcoin applications using the Elastos SmartWebs BeL2 protocol. The goal is to foster innovation and deliver superior user experiences by combining their technological strengths.

Tuna Chain will utilize BeL2’s Bitcoin Oracle to gain real-time insights into Bitcoin-related activities, including offering ZKP toolsets for developers. This integration provides essential data ranging from transactions, basic pricing to advanced analytics on Bitcoin-denominated smart contracts, enhancing the utility and accuracy of blockchain data for both ecosystems.

  1. Interoperability: Smooth communication across Elastos and Tuna Chain platforms.
  2. Functionality: Extending access to Elastos technology to Tuna Chain’s community.
  3. Real-Time Data: Leveraging BeL2’s Bitcoin Oracle ensures comprehensive and accurate Bitcoin activity data.
  4. Technology: Supporting advanced smart contract functionalities through Bitcoin transaction ZKPs.

Elastos integrates blockchain technology with modern Internet infrastructure. We offer services that protect privacy and digital asset ownership. The Elastos SmartWeb enables organisations to control their data securely, fostering a user-centric Internet. The partnership supports a more interconnected blockchain ecosystem. Combining their strengths allows them to deliver enhanced services and drive greater innovation. This collaboration aims to make blockchain technology more accessible and efficient for all users.

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