Trinity Tech Launches Dedicated Website to Serve as Comprehensive Resource Hub

Elastos community development team Trinity Tech has officially launched its own dedicated website ​at trinity-tech.io, providing a complete resource hub for Elastos ecosystem community members, developers, and other interested parties exploring the products and platforms Trinity Tech is building on Elastos, as well as Elastos’ core infrastructure itself. The website supports both English and Chinese, and introduces Trinity Tech, its mission, and key development objectives, as well as its line of Elastos-native technologies.

Trinity Tech’s Elastos-Native Projects in Development

  1. Software Development Kits (SDKs): Website visitors can acquaint themselves with Elastos DID, Carrier, Hive, and Wallet SDKs for developers.
  2. Applications (dApps): The website provides insight into the breadth of decentralized applications available on Elastos: the complete Essentials Super-Wallet App, the Feeds social media platform, Pasar’s NFT marketplace, E-Lab’s community-driven grant program, and KYC-me’s verifiable credential service.
  3. Team: The Trinity Tech team opens its doors, sharing its key team members and their respective responsibilities. The team also provides a Contact Form, and encourages enthusiastic individuals from within and beyond the Elastos ecosystem to reach out and connect with the team to share innovative ideas and ask questions.

Trinity Tech also maintains a dedicated email account where the team remains open to contacts, questions, and inquiries. Feel free to reach out and connect at the following links:

Website: https://www.trinity-tech.io

Email: contact@trinity-tech.io

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