Cyber Republic Council Election – The Elastos Twelve!

Elastos Cyber Republic Council Election - The Elastos Twelve

As we enter the last days of the Elastos Cyber Republic Council’s election period, it struck us that Elastos has changed quite a bit since the last election. Given the ecosystem’s evolution from technology-focused building towards more commercialization and community as well as the introduction of the new Elastic Consensus, perhaps it is worth imagining what an ideal council could look like.

What skill sets, experiences, passions and influences could be focused towards a singular, shared goal of making Elastos the pinnacle of Web3? Here are some of our imaginings, and just maybe you might see yourself in one of these roles. (If you do, be sure to apply for a Council seat)

We Present to you, ‘The Elastos Twelve:’ 

  • The Financier – This person would work to ensure a financially healthy ecosystem with a growing war chest and plenty of incentives for the best to come build the next with Elastos. 
  • The Inclusion Advocate – This person would vote with their heart set on ensuring Elastos was open and accessible to all. Web3 has come a long way since the crypto bros. They would help to open up Elastos to women of web3, as well as the next billion users. 
  • The Historian – This is a longstanding community member who keeps the Council honest by ensuring proposals maintain the spirit of Elastos’ founding: to give people the power to own and control their own digital destinies. They may often invoke WWRCD (What would Rong Chen Do?)
  • Captain Planet – Of course with the looming environmental catastrophe humans have brought upon ourselves, we would do well to have someone who can ensure our activities are working to protect the earth. 
  • The Entertainer – Have you seen what’s being built over in Elacity? With the industry-defining digital rights management (DRM) for the blockchain, Sash and team are gearing up to create a new economy where everyone can be a creator, producer, distributor and consumer of content, from games to books to live streams. This calls for a Committee member who understands show business. 
  • The Policymaker – As decentralized as Elastos is, there will always be a need for advice and insight regarding the laws, regulatory hurdles and constitutional priorities that will help in both promoting and protecting Elastos. 
  • The Community Rep – This is someone (or a group) who is an active member of the community and its interests and who votes accordingly. 
  • The Innovator – Whether through technical development or partnerships, this person can understand what’s on the horizon and keep Elastos at the forefront of technologies such as AI, which will be their first port of business. 
  • The Influencer – This could be a celebrity type or respected and well-followed name in the industry. Whoever it is, they would (authentically) garner attention for Elastos and its projects through social media, word of mouth and the paparazzi (we wish!)
  • The Spin Doctor – The ad guy, the PR agent, the digital marketing guru, the organizational ‘fixer’. This person can help ensure that project proposals consider the audience first, manage their brands, and hit their targets. 
  • The Professor – The next generation of the Elastos community is just about to graduate. This person will connect us to the schools, programs and students who will become our future advocates and keep us young and fresh. 
  • The Conduit – This is a Web2 native who has made the leap to Web3. They know what it takes to get traditional companies to experiment and what it takes to earn their trust. As corporations start to see their users choose to control their own digital destinies, they will start looking for partners who offer DIDs, decentralized storage, DRM, and who have projects that are successfully putting those pieces together to build the next generation of digital platforms. This person can sell it in. 

Did we miss anybody? 

Who would you like to see run for Elastos Cyber Republic Council Election?

And if you happen to know anyone who fits one of the descriptions above, have them fill out this form! They can help guide Elastos and be part of the future of Web3.

The article and graphics were created by the Elavation Team.