The 2nd Annual Cyber Republic Council Elections Begin in May

Elastos Info is pleased to announce the forthcoming second annual Cyber Republic Council elections. Nearly a full year into the decentralized operation of our ecosystem DAO, our 12-member council has collaborated to make many major decisions for the future of the Elastos tech stack, a wide array of development and marketing initiatives, and the growth of our community around them.

In order to run for Council, candidates must stake 5,000 ELA. To participate in the election, voters may cast one vote per ELA held in their wallets across any number of candidates they choose. For full details into the operations of Cyber Republic and its annual electoral process, read the CR Whitepaper at the link below:

CR Whitepaper

Our council will see its second rendition take form in the month ahead:

  1. Registration will open at block height 900,130 (May 11, 2021). At this point, prospective council members may register as candidates to participate in the election. Once candidates have registered, tokenholders may immediately begin casting votes.
  2. Voting will conclude at block height 921,730. At this point, all outstanding vote counts will be finalized, and the 12 candidates possessing the highest vote counts will become Council members for Cyber Republic’s second one-year term, which will culminate circa June 11, 2022.

To keep up with and participate in Cyber Republic’s upcoming elections as they draw closer, stay tuned here on the official Elastos Info Blog.