Second Annual Cyber Republic Council Elections Conclude, New Council Begins Term

As of block 921’730 mined yesterday, June 10, 2021, the second annual Cyber Republic Council elections are officially complete. This year’s elections were especially competitive, with new faces and figures from across the Web3 space joining the Elastos ecosystem, including Tuum Tech founder Donald Bullers, Capital6 Eagle Managing Director Mark Xing, Morgan Stanley executives Fakhul Miah and Troy Tohid, and data rights advocate Brittany Kaiser, who emerged from her position as Business Development Director at Cambridge Analytica to become a prominent whistleblower and public figure in the Web3 movement, and to found OwnYourData.foundation. Also joining the council as first time members are Rebbeca Zhu, Jingyu Niu and Song Shijun, all of which are and have been Elastos core development team members since the earliest days of the project.

As per the processes laid in the Cyber Republic Whitepaper, ELA holders determined this year’s CR Council, using more than 3.5 million ELA to cast votes for more than 15 candidates.

We welcome our 2021-2022 CR Council members:

1) Sunny Feng Han

2) SJun Song

3) Rebecca Zhu

4) Jingyu Niu

5) Mark Xing

6) Zhang Feng

7) Brittany Kaiser

8) Ryan | Starfish Labs

9) Donald Bullers

10) Orchard Trinity

11) The Strawberry Council

12) Elation Studios

Independent of their respective votes received, all council members remain equals in their positions, and each will possess the same voting power in Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC).

Further information on CR Council members is available on elanodes.com, including country of origin and social media links.

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