Sash | Elacity: Candidate for CR council election for term 2022/2023

Sash | Elacity

What is your field of expertise?

The creative industries, dev ops, blockchain and Web3 technology.

What is your goal with Elastos by the end of the council’s next term?

As founder of Elacity, I have the goal to integrate all of Elastos’ technology into the platform, to grow a successful business and showcase to the world how Web3 goes far beyond what most consider it to be today.

Elastos is not a competitor to many other layer1 blockchains, ESC yes, but in fact, Elastos as a suite sits above as a necessary OS component to ensure data and ownership can be stored and moved in a secure environment, catering for both on-chain and off-chain data management.
I’m extremely excited about the technology, its maturity, and the journey we’ve been on to date including the story ahead. It’s our goal, as one of the first teams developing on Elastos, to help see it shine, to offer insight, and experience and ensure we reduce friction points wherever possible. For Elastos to thrive, we must bring together the following formula;

Innovation + commercial spirit + thriving capital markets = great productivity gains It is my goal to help tackle and encourage both the innovation and commercial spirit of Elastos by the end of the council’s next term. I bring an understanding of Web3, development operations and economic navigation with experience serving on both the first and second council under Orchard.

I will take time to review proposals, gather feedback from the community, vote and bring opportunities to the council’s attention through our network wherever possible.

What is the main issue with ELA, looking at its market performance (dropping out of top 100, currently sitting 500+ in terms of MC)?

The main issue with ELA is there is a lack of consensus on its value. Consensus is what drives wealth and ELA has yet to have a viral moment where its technology finds a market fit and external attention forms around the value it provides that others do not. Such a moment is a gold rush moment many wish for. Elastos chose a difficult path with its big vision and it’s one that takes time, but great challenges bring great rewards. We must focus on refining the technology and delivering products which showcase it’s unique utility.

It’s been very easy to compare ourselves to others in this volatile market, and at times frustrating, as the market hasn’t always been rational. Success is found through continuous self-reflection and error correction. No one when beginning a journey has all the answers, and it is on the journey we learn, adapt and grow but, most importantly, we have to jump in to swim. Bull markets drive speculation, and at times grossly overvalue projects. Bear markets drive fear and crush those with no value and force others to innovate. Regardless of either trend and performance, everyone at some point will return to their mean average based on the true value provided.

ELA’s mainchain offers a fantastic and novel place of security, harnessing around 50% of Bitcoin’s hash power. We offer investors one of the safest places to hold a non-custodial digital asset, and should anyone wish to explore and use our world of Web3, they can easily transfer ELA across to our proof of stake sidechains, charging up accounts and using its smart services, such as digital identity or de-fi and data exchange today. As a Bitcoin believer, the significance of this tethered security has yet to be fully appreciated.

Areas that previously lacked that are now being addressed, including: market-making, exchanges and marketing, which are welcomed and new to ELA this year. ELA will continuously be tested, but it has a place in many hearts and this will grow over time, we must keep building, listening and welcoming a diverse community of intellect to navigate our path well.

What should be Elastos’ killer dApp in your opinion?

A peer to peer digital capsule marketplace for trading assets. Such a platform can unlock and create a snowball effect for many industries where everyone from businesses to individuals can use to participate in the digital economy. To date, we have NFT marketplaces, which primarily involve blockchain receipts and payments, successfully bringing in billions per month on popular chains yet only representing a small step into web3 data ownership and trade.

There will be many success stories that come from the Elastos nation over the coming years due to our tech stack. This is very exciting, so we must continue to encourage those building. We only need to be right once for everything else to fall into place and for prosperity to spread.

How are you going to contribute to the CR Council if you get elected?

I’ve had the privilege of serving on the 1st and 2nd-year council for the Cyber Republic under Orchard. With a 100% voting track record, I’ll bring reliability first and foremost. This year, I offer a seat as a builder in the ecosystem, bringing value through the Elacity experience, and offering insights in helping ensure we are both focused on the right goals to be accommodating for others to set Elastos up in the best way possible to reduce friction points and succeed.

If you are running for your first time, please introduce yourself to the community. Tell us a little about your background, prior experience, and personal vision for Elastos and Cyber Republic. Or, if you are a former council member, please share your contribution to the CRC that you have made.

I have a strong understanding of Web3 technology, obtaining a Blockchain strategy certificate from Oxford Saiid Business School. I understand the culture of Web3, including Elastos technology, and have been in the space for many years. I’m a builder, founding ela.city, a Web3 cloud city and data marketplace on Elastos. I care deeply about the need for bottom-up technology and am equally passionate about macroeconomics and how to navigate and understand the changing world around us.

Over the years, whether myself or through Orchard, I have been a part of the important burn topic, deflationary model, Guardians, Web3 conference, Elacity and more. I am prompt, taking the time to attend and participate in biweekly council calls, offering my opinion and being a voice for the community. I will continuously support or critique proposals as a representative and strive to help foster growth, excitement and communication in the ecosystem.

On a personal note, I’m very concerned about where the world more broadly is headed, I believe we are at the end of a macro debt cycle, seeing creative destruction in fiat currencies which represents the most important fabric of our societies. Trust is breaking down globally as a result, tensions are rising and we are entering a paradigm shift where there aren’t many levers left for governments to pull to stop the volatility that’s emerging.

I am, however, very excited and hopeful for the new borderless Web3 nation emerging parallel to this, built using blockchains to reinstate truth and to combat manipulation. It is bringing opportunity through a new monetary system and data economy that everyone can participate in, a needed life raft to new lands. It makes complete sense to me that Web3 technology will only grow stronger and power smart economies in the years ahead as the older systems die off. Whilst it takes time and involves hard work, the journey must be savoured for we are on the right path and writing history.

Would you say the design of suggestions and proposals, and the CRC in general, has been effective? What could be improved?

Yes, it’s been effective, however, one area worth noting is the release of funds prior to delivery. I believe for the secretariat to do the job the best they can, there must be accountability and payment milestones for teams who submit proposals.

Who else would you endorse for being on the Council with you?

This year we had biweekly calls, usually lasting 2-3 hours each time. Whilst not mandatory, there was a lot of additional work and energy given here, discussing topics, becoming aligned and taking time out of our days to attend. I really enjoyed these calls, and the members consistently present and who I would endorse as a result were Feng, Elation, Strawberry, Ryan, Rebecca and Sjun.

I also welcome newcomers like Nenchy and Mbutcho as they have a rich experience in understanding the culture as community builders and moderators. I believe it is important we continue to have diversity this year on the council, from application builders to community supporters, core members, business developers and investors. This way everyone can be represented and can each offer a skill to invite holistic conversation and understanding to successfully push forward.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Persist. ELA and Elastos have a place in history, the world is moving towards us slowly and we must simply keep building and showing our unique value, there will come a tipping point. We must remain strong and committed to the vision, reminding ourselves what it will provide humanity and most importantly, unify in difficult times. Whilst ELA price may be the reason for upset, great relationships have been forged, the fundamentals of our technology only grow stronger, and the value is in the hearts and minds of those it expands to serve.

Persist. Onwards. Upwards. Elastos!

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