Pasar V2 Released

With much support from the Feeds team, Pasar has now released Pasar V2, the newest version of the Pasar marketplace. With major funding support from Cyber Republic via CR Proposal #67, the Pasar Web App is very much a product of the Elastos community. Now several months into its development, the Pasar Marketplace is already the Elastos ecosystem’s leading decentralized platform for NFT minting and exchange. With Pasar V2 now live, a suite of new NFT features are now available to the Elastos community, and a whole lot more is in the works and on the way.

Pasar V2 Key Features

Here is what Pasar has in store for users in V2:

  • Minting contracts (ERC1155) that are specifically dedicated to Premier Creators. Premier Creators can seamlessly create and deploy these contracts on the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC). Each NFT minted from a designated creator’s minting contract will have its own customized collection symbol and name that creators may use for marketing purposes.
  • A universal minting contract (ERC1155) from which users can mint NFTs along with creators’ dedicated minting contracts.
  • A dedicated “Pasar V2” marketplace contract that supports:
    • All NFTs. Whether minted from creators’ dedicated minting contracts or universal minting contracts, all NFTs can be imported and exchanged on Pasar V2.
    • NFTs sales for both ERC721 and ERC1155 standards.
    • Fixed-price and auction-style NFT sales.
    • Single NFT sales and NFT batch sales.
    • Pricing denominations in ELA, WELA, USDC, GLIDE, DIA and other tokens.
      • More ERC20 tokens on the ESC will be added as well.
    • NFT mining and trading in various quantities – i.e., a single NFT token or several NFT tokens that share the same tokenID.
    • Various badges that can be linked to NFTs
    • Integration with Hive Vault to allow users to store profile data.

Future Outlook and Upcoming Features

Pasar V2 represents a major milestone for the Elastos ecosystem with respect to NFT minting and exchange. But the Feeds team is just getting started with Pasar’s marketplace capabilities, and has its sights set on major opportunities ahead. Ultimately, the team envisions Pasar becoming a totally decentralized, open, and community-driven marketplace for the exchange of  personal data and digital assets. Here are a few of the features the Feeds team has planned for Pasar’s upcoming versions:

  • Support for NFTs from other platforms to expand the range of NFTs that can be exchanged on the Pasar marketplace.
  • Collaborations with popular ecosystem NFT projects
  • Decentralized status model that offers badges to active community members.
  • New DIA token use cases on the Pasar marketplace.
  • Basic, decentralized social features on NFT listings such as likes and comments.
  • Innovations in Pasar tokenomics.

To keep up with the Feeds team and their upcoming versions of the Feeds social media application, Pasar marketplace, and cutting-edge NFT features, stay tuned here on the official Elastos Info Blog.