ODin Metaverse NFT Platform Launches on Elastos Smart Contract Chain

With the Metaverse picking up traction across the digital asset space, Elastos Info is pleased to welcome ODin NFT, a new Metaverse consumer platform building in the Elastos ecosystem. ODin NFT was officially launched on June 1, 2021 on the Elastos Smart Contract (ESC) Sidechain, where its NFTs will live. In addition to using the ESC for basic NFT provenance and verification purposes, the ODin NFT team will be working closely with the Elastos ESC development team to utilize its smart contract modules in a wide array of innovative NFT applications.

Before landing on Elastos, ODin NFT was featured in the Odaily 2021 FAT-NFT List, a premier NFT list jointly run by Odaily Planet Daily and 36kr. The list brings together up-and-coming innovative projects, cutting-edge platforms, and data aggregators, along with influential thought leaders in the NFT space. Others on the Odaily 2021 FAT-NFT list include NFT standouts Crypto Punk and NBA Top Shot. Like other prominent NFT platforms, ODin NFT is targeting a niche artistic demographic to establish itself and pick up traction early. The project is developing a metaverse that hones in on digital Chinese artifacts that hold cultural significance, and whose scarcity and rarity will be appreciated by communities within and beyond China.

The team behind ODin NFT has cooperated with Elastos previously, having leveraged the ESC for certification purposes for use cases pertaining to education and intellectual property rights. ODin NFT also stands to leverage the Elastos DID Sidechain, which will allow users to generate personal identifiers that are fully decentralized (DIDs), and to link them to their NFTs so as to confirm ownership.

In using the DID Sidechain, users will be able to ensure that their data is encrypted and stored securely. ODin NFT plans to further leverage the DID Sidechain to ensure that all users own their data and NFTs empirically, thereby ushering in a new age of protection not only for individuals active in the digital space, but for intellectual property rights as well.

An ODin spokesperson said of the collaboration, “We have seen that Elastos can provide a complete solution for the meta-universe, and NFTs are only the beginning of the meta-universe. To run the virtual world in the future will require not only NFT assets, but also decentralized communication and decentralized storage. Only by letting the meta-universe run on a completely decentralized platform can its value be fully realized. Elastos not only provides a smart contract sidechain compatible with EVM, but also a decentralized Carrier and storage solution called Hive. Odin chose Elastos after carefully investigating multiple platforms.”

To keep up with ODin NFT, head over to their official website, and stay tuned here on the official Elastos Info Blog.