Meet the Newly Elected Members of the 2023/2024 CR Council

The Cyber Republic Council election for the 2023/2024 term has successfully concluded, marking an important milestone in the ongoing governance of the Elastos project. This election, which began on May 1st, 2023, ended on May 30th, 2023, at block height1,437,250. The results have determined the composition of the new CR Council, bringing a combination of fresh faces and returning members to the Council.

The newly elected Council will have a transition period of approximately 13 days to configure their nodes before officially participating in the Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC). The transition phase will begin at block height 1,437,250 and is estimated to conclude by block height 1,447,330, around June 13th, 2023. At block height 1,447,331, the new Council will officially take office.

The newly elected Council members include Bocheng Zhang, a core team member of Elastos who currently leads the Elastos Fusion team. The Gelaxy Team has secured a seat on the Council for their contributions to the mainchain-sidechain architecture and multi-tiered consensus mechanism of Elastos. Hwedini and 4HM3D are well-known community contributors and moderators for the Elastos project. In addition to the new members, nine returning Council members have been re-elected due to their dedication and ongoing commitment to the Elastos project.

The CR Council election is a crucial element of the governance structure within the Elastos ecosystem, allowing community members to have a direct say in the decision-making processes. The elected Council members play a vital role in shaping the future of Elastos by contributing their expertise, promoting community engagement, and fostering innovation. Their responsibilities include screening Suggestions, voting on Proposals, providing guidance and support to community projects, and ensuring the interests of the Elastos community are well-represented.

Please take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the newly elected members of the 2023/2024 CR Council and enjoy the following introductions:

»»  Bocheng Zhang: Bocheng Zhang, currently the team lead for Elastos Fusion, is focused on providing technical services to facilitate the utilization of the Elastos tech stack by Web3 enthusiasts. Bocheng is committed to driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and strengthening the Elastos ecosystem. His dedication and technical proficiency make him a valuable addition to the Council, contributing to the advancement of Elastos’ ecosystem.

»»  Gelaxy Team:  The Gelaxy Team is responsible for developing and maintaining  Elastos’ mainchain-sidechain architecture and multi-tiered consensus mechanism. With their in-depth knowledge and technical prowess, the Gelaxy Team is committed to strengthening Elastos’ technological foundation, fostering scalability, and enhancing interoperability within the ecosystem.

»»  Tyro Lee: Tyro Lee, a returning CR Council member, brings a wealth of experience and a strong presence in the Elastos community. As a dedicated member and an active social media influencer, Tyro has been instrumental in spreading awareness about Elastos and engaging with the community. Having previously served the 1st term as a CR Council member, Tyro is excited to contribute again to the growth and development of Elastos. His commitment to the project and ability to mobilize the community makes him an essential member of the CR Council.

»»  Hwedini/4HM3D: Hwedini and 4HM3D bring their invaluable contributions and expertise to the CR Council as community contributors and moderators for the Elastos project. Their experience in fostering community engagement and moderating discussions will aid in ensuring transparent and inclusive governance within the Elastos ecosystem. For more info about Hwedini/4HM3D, please check here.

»»  Elation Studios: Elation Studios, led by Fakhul Miah, Elastos Growth Team Lead, has earned a seat on the CR Council. Their team has been actively involved in Business Development and Marketing, contributing to the project’s growth through their technical expertise and development efforts. Elation Studios aims to further enhance the Elastos ecosystem by fostering innovation, building robust applications, and collaborating with other community members and projects. With their strong commitment and technical capabilities, Elation Studios is poised to impact the CR Council significantly.

»»  Sash: Sash, a dedicated member of the Elastos community, has been elected to the CR Council for the 4th consecutive year. His active engagement and contributions to the Elastos project makes him a valuable representative of the community’s interests. Sash founded Elacity, a specialized NFT and media project that will further Elastos footprint in Digital Rights Management. He was also instrumental in passing a Proposal to bring Runtime, an original part of Elastos tech stack, back into the fold. Sash’s deep understanding of the project and commitment to the growth and adoption of Elastos will drive community engagement and foster a vibrant ecosystem. For more info about Sash, please check out this post.

»»  MButcho/Nenchy: MButcho and Nenchy  have been elected to the CR Council for the second year. With a strong background in technology and a deep understanding of the Elastos ecosystem, both bring valuable insights and expertise to the Council. Their active community participation and technical proficiency make them influential advocates for Elastos. MButcho and Nenchy’s commitment to fostering collaboration and promoting the project’s development aligns perfectly with the goals of the CR Council. For additional information about them, please refer to this post

»»  Song Shijun: Song Shijun, a returning member of the CR Council, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Council, particularly in the areas of DeFi and bridging protocols. With a project initiation and incubation background, Song has led various successful initiatives within the Elastos ecosystem, including Elaphant Wallet, Elabank, Cryptoname, Shadowtoken, and FilDA. His expertise in project development and commitment to enhancing the Elastos community makes him an influential contributor to the CR Council. 

»»  Rebecca Zhu: Rebecca Zhu, an original Elastos team member, has been elected to serve on the CR Council for the 3rd consecutive year. With a background in engineering and operations management, Rebecca has played a vital role in developing and growing the Elastos project. Her extensive experience and deep understanding of the community makes her a valuable asset in furthering Elastos’ vision. She was the Secretary-General for the 1st Council and the Interim Council before CR Council was officially live. 

»»  The Strawberry Council: The Strawberry Council, comprising a group of passionate Elastos community members, has been elected to the CR Council for the 4th time. This dynamic team brings diverse skills and expertise to the table. With a focus on community engagement, education, and outreach, the Strawberry Council aims to empower and unite the Elastos community, fostering collaboration and driving adoption. Their dedication and innovative ideas will be crucial in strengthening the community’s voice within the CR Council.

»»  PG BAO: PG BAO, an elected CR Council member for the 2nd year. With a focus on technical excellence and community empowerment, PG BAO aims to contribute to the growth and adoption of Elastos by actively engaging with the community, fostering collaboration with other projects, and promoting the development of new applications and use cases. His technical expertise and strategic vision make them a valuable asset to the CR Council, working towards the common goal of building a thriving Elastos ecosystem.

»»  Sai: Sai is a longstanding community member. Sai’s extensive involvement and passion for Elastos makes him an ideal representative of the community’s interests. His dedication to the project and deep understanding of its vision will contribute to fostering community engagement and driving the adoption of Elastos. For more info about Sai, please read the piece on Elastos Info here.

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