MButcho and Nenchy: Uniting for Elastos’ Future in CR Council

As the CR Council Election for the 2023/2024 term approaches, two esteemed community members, MButcho and Nenchy, have emerged as formidable candidates under the united banner of “M&N, Two4You.” With their complementary skills and unwavering dedication, MButcho and Nenchy seek to leverage their expertise to propel Elastos toward a bright and prosperous future.

Proven Commitment and Contributions

During their previous tenure on the CR Council, MButcho and Nenchy showcased their unwavering commitment to Elastos. With an astute grasp of IT operations, MButcho spearheaded the Guardians community team, while Nenchy’s sales acumen embodied the principles of “givers gain” and “walk the talk.” They diligently fulfilled their responsibilities, swiftly catching up on tasks from the previous term, actively participating in the biweekly Council meetings, and casting well-informed votes on all Proposals. 

Only on three occasions did they dissent, consistently prioritizing the best interests of Elastos. Moreover, they steadfastly honored their promise not to abstain any Proposal, recognizing the crucial duty of Council members to determine the fate of Proposals decisively.

Driving Innovation and Ensuring Stability

MButcho and Nenchy demonstrated their capacity for innovation by spearheading the implementation of the Business Continuity Plan for DPoS (Stand-by-Nodes). This plan bolstered the stability and security of the Elastos DPoS consensus. 

Their forward-thinking approach also encompasses reviving the “Changes to Elastos CR Consensus Voting” Proposal, which proposes to remove the “Abstain” option and change the decision to a simple “Yes” or “No” decision. Additionally, they actively assisted community members in setting up BPoS nodes, bolstering the stability of the Elastic Consensus.

A Vision for the Future

MButcho and Nenchy have a clear vision for Elastos in the upcoming term. They wholeheartedly commit to representing the community’s best interests, fostering decentralization, and providing unwavering support and transparency to all members. 

Their resolute dedication is exemplified by their unwavering commitment to do their due diligence and vote “Yes” or “No” on every Proposal. Furthermore, they pledge to assist community members in transforming promising Suggestions into actionable Proposals.

Addressing Crucial Topics

MButcho and Nenchy have identified several pressing topics that demand attention and stand to benefit Elastos. First, they prioritize enhancing the transparency of BPoS node statuses by leveraging and improving the functionality of https://monitor.elastos.io. This approach ensures that all node operators have access to relevant information and receive timely software updates through a dedicated Telegram group called “ELA Supernodes.” 

Furthermore, they advocate for reviewing all released ELA funds and aspire to transition from single wallet access to a multi-sig wallet, thus fostering further decentralization. They endorse approving Proposals with phased payments instead of upfront fund releases to prevent potential issues.


MButcho and Nenchy, running as the “M&N, Two4You” team, bring a wealth of experience and a proven track record of commitment and contributions to the Elastos community. Their innovative mindset, dedication to transparency, and focus on decentralization make them formidable candidates for the CR Council Election. 

With their clear vision for the future and proactive approach to addressing crucial concerns, MButcho and Nenchy aim to elevate Elastos and guide it toward a prosperous and thriving future. As the election approaches, the Elastos community has an opportunity to support these candidates who have consistently demonstrated their unwavering dedication to the project.

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