Join the BeL2 Video Competition: Showcase Your Skills & Win 500 ELA!

BeL2 Competition

We’re excited to announce a unique competition for video creators to support the understanding of Elastos’ new Bitcoin Layer 2 solution, BeL2. BeL2 is crucial because it significantly improves Bitcoin by enhancing transaction speed and capacity, enabling complex EVM smart contracts, and providing greater privacy with zero-knowledge proofs. These advancements address Bitcoin’s core limitations in scalability and limited programmability, thus broadening its applications in decentralized finance and digital transactions, all while maintaining its fundamental principles of security and decentralization. Here’s your chance to share your knowledge, showcase your skills, and potentially win 500 ELA!

The Challenge: Create an Explainer Video on BeL2

Why Participate?

  • Reward:
  • #1 The best explainer video will earn 500 ELA, at today’s value worth more than $1,500!
  • #2 Second winner gets 100 ELA
  • #3 Third winner gets 25 ELA
  • Starting Date: The competition begins today, on January 2, 2024.
  • Deadline: Submit your entries by midnight on February 3, 2024.
  • Judging: Community-elected Cyber Republic DAO council members will evaluate the submissions through off-chain voting.

The Core Theme

Your task is to educate people about ‘What is BeL2?’ Think about how you would explain BeL2 to your mum or a friend who might not be familiar with blockchain technology.

Where to Submit?

You can post your video on one of the following platforms:

  1. Twitter – Use hashtags #BeL2 and #Elastos.
  2. Elastos Telegram group.
  3. Elastos Discord channel.
  4. Elacity.
  5. Email: Infinity@elastos.info

What Should Your Video Include?

  1. Simplicity: Break down BeL2 in layman’s terms. It should be easy to understand for someone without a technical background
  2. Technical Depth: Your video must also cater to those who appreciate the technical nuances of BeL2.
  3. Voice Over: While we prefer human narration, AI-generated voices are acceptable, the more realistic the better.

A Few Rules

  • AI-Generated Videos: We value and encourage human creativity in this competition. Therefore, videos that are entirely generated by AI will not be accepted. However, you may use AI tools to assist in certain aspects like editing or effects. Video length should be no more than 3 minutes in total.
  • Respect Intellectual Property: Ensure that your video respects intellectual property rights. This means avoiding the use of copyrighted video, audio, or any other content without permission. Use original or royalty-free materials to ensure compliance.
  • Content Authenticity and Accuracy: Your video should accurately represent the BeL2 technology and its features. Misrepresentation or factual inaccuracies could lead to disqualification. Make sure to fact-check and present genuine information about BeL2.

Resources to Help You

To assist you in crafting an insightful and accurate explainer video, we’ve provided a range of resources:

  • BeL2 GPT: A customized ChatGPT version trained on BeL2 technology.
  • BeL2 FAQ and Whitepaper: FAQ and Whitepaper that delve into the specifics of BeL2, providing a wealth of information to draw upon.

Approach to Consider

  • Simplicity is Key: We encourage you to distill complex ideas into simple concepts. Remember, the best explanation is one that everyone can understand.
  • Core Message: Focus on the essential elements of BeL2 – what it is, why it matters, and how it works.
  • Engaging Narrative: Make your video visually engaging and relatable. Connect with your audience by using real-world analogies or stories.

Think of this as a chance to make BeL2 a bit clearer for everyone. Your video could be the key to unlocking this technology for others, adding to the collective knowledge of our community. Follow us for more updates!