Introducing the Candidates for the CR Election 2024/25

CyberRepublic DAO Candidates

The CRC5 elections are here, with only 6 days left until voting concludes! Currently, 15 candidates are competing for 12 spots on the Cyber Republic Council. The upcoming CR election brings together a diverse group of candidates, each with a unique background and vision for the future of Elastos. Follow our guides if interested in running or voting. Want to learn what the Cyber Republic even is? Read here! Below, we present some of the candidates and their responses, offering insights into their motivations, experiences, and aspirations for the next CR Council. Let’s jump straight in!



  • Email: breakingyield@gmail.com
  • Current Council Member: No
  • Background: “My background with Elastos dates back to February 2018 albeit with limited community involvement until November 2023 when I read the Bel2 whitepaper. Having a long-term interest in Defi, Bel2 was the Elastos development that compelled me to pursue an expanded role. My professional background consists of 20 years in financial services with multiple executive-level roles in private equity investment management and management consulting with a focus on asset management.”
  • Contribution Goals: “Based on my professional background, I would have the greatest impact in the areas of finance and accounting. Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A), Capital Requirements / Project Evaluation, Budgeting, Financial Modeling.”
  • Improvements: “Given a finite amount of capital (ELA/BTC) and unlimited opportunities, I would like to see metrics to evaluate ROI for new and ongoing proposals.”
  • Social Media: Twitter


Tyro and his Friends

  • Email: ligreatmen@gmail.com
  • Current Council Member: Yes
  • Experience: “As a current member of the Council, I have witnessed the challenges and growth of Elastos over the past year. Each proposal is crucial to the development of Elastos; however, considering various rules and realities, it is not easy to decide whether to approve each proposal. The votes of the Council members represent their own opinions and aim to consider the concerns of other community members as much as possible. Therefore, in the new round of elections, I have organized nine community members to participate together, named Tyro and his friends! Before each new proposal is formally voted on, the nine of us will discuss it internally to form a consensus. After which, I will cast the final vote on behalf of the group. This is an extension of the CR consensus, and we believe it can better represent the community’s opinion.”
  • Background: “I am a long-time supporter of this project, and I still believe we can make it! I want to participate in this project more deeply!”
  • Contribution Goals: “Carefully review and vote on each proposal, ensuring the stable operation of our node. Continuously promote Elastos on social media and actively engage with community members.”
  • Improvements: “I personally believe that the CRC can encourage greater involvement. Although there are only 12 nodes, if each node is comprised of several community members, forming mini DAO teams within a DAO framework, that would be even more ideal.”
  • Social Media: Twitter


Satoshi Bitcoin Elastos Igor Cyber Republic

Iggispopis CRC

  • Email: biroigor@biroigor.sk
  • Current Council Member: No
  • Background: “I have many years of experience in strategic management, marketing, and finance, which has given me a comprehensive perspective on solving complex challenges and leading projects to successful completion. As an OG member of the Elastos community, I have always supported transparency, efficiency, and active participation in decision-making processes. I am inspired by the growth and potential of Elastos as a technological platform for the decentralized web, which is why I decided to run for a position on the Cyber Republic Council.”
  • Contribution Goals: “If elected, my priority will be to address technical barriers that hinder the broader adoption of Elastos technologies such as RPC, Explorers, Bridge, and the development of the Essentials wallet. I plan to propose removing the ‘Abstain’ option in voting, changing the decision to a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. I will actively communicate proposals and projects with the community on Telegram, where members are most active and interaction is practically immediate. Conducting surveys and polls will help us gather valuable feedback and understand the community’s views on various proposals and the direction of Elastos.”
  • Improvements: “I believe there is room for increased transparency and community engagement within the CRC. Currently, the community is not sufficiently involved in managing and deciding on proposals and their funding. Many do not express their opinions on the Cyber Republic website. I plan to actively communicate these proposals on Telegram, where members are most active. I also aim to ensure better information about the progress of projects funded by the CR treasury.”
  • Social Media: Twitter
  • Contact: Telegram


Roger Jon Metaverse4good Elastos


  • Email: roger.darashah@elastoselavation.org
  • Current Council Member: No
  • Background: “Roger is a communications professional with over 30 years of experience working in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. He previously managed multi-market programs for HP (for the PR firm Edelman) covering 40 countries; adapting messages and assets for local consumption and collaborating with teams across cultures, backgrounds, and nationalities. Roger speaks French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. He also served as Chief Operating Officer at India’s largest PR firm, Adfactors; operating from Mumbai across local and international clients including the Tata Group, Mphasis, and Schneider Electric. In 2020 he co-founded LatAm Intersect PR, a firm operating in 12 countries with an audience-based programming approach. Roger also co-founded the community Metaverse4Good to discuss and define a set of behaviors that would ensure Web3 remained a truly open, accessible, and inclusive environment for all.”
  • Contribution Goals: “Firstly, to communicate the real benefits of the SmartWeb; not only in technical terms but from a consumer/societal perspective. Secondly, to help ensure Bitcoin attains its true potential as a decentralized currency of confidence. These are the issues that I’ll be highlighting through compelling content, storytelling, and case studies; where the users are the protagonists rather than any particular brand.”
  • Improvements: “I believe that we should now singularly focus on the current product stack and proposition: BeL2; to liberate and use otherwise ‘dormant’ Bitcoin (through staking); to create multiple sustainable business models and revenue streams for the entire ecosystem. Elastos’ BTC Oracle; combining on/off-chain data to understand who is using Bitcoin and for what, and to create/refine business models based on these insights.”
  • Social Media: LinkedIn
  • Contact: roger.darashah@elastoselavation.org


Strawberries Council Bitcoin Elastos Igor Cyber Republic

Strawberry Republic

  • Email: wildstrawberrysupernodes@gmail.com
  • Current Council Member: Yes
  • Experience: “As members of the Strawberry Republic, formerly known as the Strawberry Council, our collective experience over the past four years in the CRC DAO has been both rewarding and transformative. Our perfect voting record stands as a testament to our commitment and reliability, reflecting our dedication to incorporating community sentiments into every decision we make. With the rebranding to Strawberry Republic and the return of Vegas Mike, a founding member of the original Strawberry Supernodes, we are energized by the synergy and perspectives he brings back to the team. Together, we are united in our vision for Elastos, dedicated to amplifying the voice of the community and supporters, whether they are interacting with us online or offline.”
  • Background:
    • Sir Kahuna: “With over two decades of experience in the construction industry, I am the owner of a profound construction company specializing in residential development, commercial, and industrial infrastructure projects. My approach is characterized by a drive to achieve grand visions, a principle that I also apply to my role within the Elastos ecosystem. As a founding member of the Wild Strawberry Supernodes, I have been dedicated to securing the Elastos blockchain since its early days in 2018. Beyond hosting Supernodes, securing the Elastos network, and running a construction company, I am a junior graphic artist, where I channel my creativity into producing engaging NFT collections and dynamic graphics.”
    • Vegas Mike: “As a coffee-fueled entrepreneur and seasoned graphic designer, my career spanning over 25 years has been dedicated to pursuing creative excellence. My foundation in graphic design and garment manufacturing has allowed me to consistently produce top-notch designs and apparel that embody innovation and practicality. I am adept at anticipating industry trends and utilizing cutting-edge software technologies, ensuring my work remains relevant and leading-edge.”
  • Contribution Goals: “As the Strawberry Republic, our dedication to the Elastos community remains steadfast. If re-elected for the 2024/25 CRC term, we will continue to prioritize the community’s best interests in every decision and vote. Our approach is fueled by a deep passion and love for Elastos, which we actively express through grassroots art initiatives and dynamic social media engagement. Additionally, we will vigorously promote Vegas Mike’s online store featuring Elastos, BEL2, and Bitcoin merchandise, bringing your favorite crypto logos and art to life. We are also keen on exploring collaborations with startups to drive innovation within the Elastos platform.”
  • Improvements: “If re-elected, one of our primary goals is to enhance transparency and communication between the CRC and the Elastos community. We are committed to collecting community sentiment before casting our votes, ensuring that every decision reflects the true interests and perspectives of the community members.”
  • Social Media: Twitter
  • Contact: Sir_Kahuna and Vegasmike777


YEW DAO Bitcoin Elastos Igor Cyber Republic


  • Email: ywj970104@hotmail.com
  • Current Council Member: No
  • Background: “My name is Yew and I am from Malaysia. I am just an average crypto enthusiast like many of you in this community. My real-life job is a Teacher, and I teach students sports and physical education. However, provided this opportunity to have a seat in this council and being here as an active community member since last year, the potential of this project being recognized globally is huge from observing Rong, Sunny, Sash, Jon, and other team member’s discussions, updates, and ongoing developments here. What is lacking now in my very honest opinion is community voice and recognition which is why my partnership with Mark in this seat is to represent Community Voice and to ensure this Voice is heard.”
  • Contribution Goals: “My contribution would be to express the community’s thoughts, feedback, and proposals to direct Elastos in the direction that the community wants and to ensure Elastos grows to be an excellent organization that is recognized globally. This partnership between myself and Mark is to represent the community and showcase Community Voice to ensure a community-focused project development.”
  • Improvements: “Recognizing community feedback, thoughts, and proposals.”
  • Social Media: Twitter
  • Contact: Telegram


Gelexy Bitcoin Elastos Igor Cyber Republic


  • Email: jiangzehua@gelaxy.io
  • Current Council Member: Yes
  • Experience: “Participating in CR meetings and proposal discussions in the past year has helped make our team better. Understanding the current community dynamics and project development can provide great help for functional development on the chain. I hope to continue our efforts in the next year, provide some technical suggestions for relevant decisions, and contribute to the better development of Elastos.”
  • Background: “The Gelaxy team is mainly responsible for the development of main and side chains. The implementation of many proposals requires the participation of the chain team. It is necessary to be able to discuss and know the relevant details at the CR committee meeting.”
  • Contribution Goals: “Participate in proposal discussions, understand the details of the proposal, and give suggestions and opinions on technical implementation.”
  • Improvements: “I hope that it will be easier to initiate the proposal and allow community members to easily participate in the advancement of the proposal, not just the CR members themselves; some members of the community will apply for proposals. Funding is not very standardized, I hope ELA application can be more standardized.”
  • Social Media: Gelaxy
  • Contact: jiangzehua@gelaxy.io


Bean DAO Bitcoin Elastos Igor Cyber Republic


  • Email: go.elastos@gmail.com
  • Current Council Member: Yes
  • Experience: “In the past year as a member of the Council, I have focused on enhancing community engagement and supporting project development. If re-elected, I aim to continue these initiatives, improve transparency, and strengthen community communication to ensure sustainable growth.”
  • Background: “I have a background in investment and have been involved with the Elastos ecosystem for years. My interest in blockchain technology and belief in Elastos’ vision inspired me to run for the CR council. I am dedicated to using my experience to support the community and contribute to its growth.”
  • Contribution Goals:
    1. “Provide professional advice to the CR and ecosystem based on my knowledge and experience.”
    2. “Work with council members to improve transparency and communication within the community.”
    3. “Work with ecosystem partners to develop support systems for new and existing projects to help them succeed.”
  • Improvements:
    1. “Efficient Decision-Making: Streamlining our decision-making processes can help us respond more quickly to emerging opportunities and challenges. This includes improving coordination among council members.”
    2. “Comprehensive Support for Projects: Developing a structured support system for projects within the ecosystem can ensure their success and sustainability. This includes providing mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities to help projects grow.”
    3. “Professional Advice and Expertise: Leveraging the knowledge and experience of council members to provide professional advice can help guide the CRC and the broader ecosystem towards informed and strategic decisions.”
  • Social Media: Manhattan Project Fund, Telegram: PGtheGreat
  • Contact: go.elastos@gmail.com


Elacity logo Elastos ddrm

Sash | Elacity 🐘

  • Email: sash@ela.city
  • Current Council Member: Yes
  • Experience: “As a dedicated member of the Elastos community and a current council member with a 100% voting track record, I have been deeply involved in developing and promoting Rong Chen’s vision. My focus has been on bridging the technical aspects of Elastos with community culture, ensuring that the innovative potential of our platform is both understood and utilised by the broader community. This is particularly highlighted as the Founder and CEO of Elacity, innovating dDRM and Head of Operations at BeL2, allowing Bitcoin to communicate and execute services to EVM without bridging assets.”
  • Contribution Goals: “My primary goal is to continue fostering understanding and integration of Elastos’ technical capabilities within the community. By leveraging my experience and the insights gained from previous council terms, I aim to enhance the accessibility and adoption of our decentralised technologies. This includes promoting the development and deployment of Digital Capsules and Bitcoin Finance within the Elastos SmartWeb, expanding the functionality and reach of the Elacity and BeL2 platforms.”
  • Improvements: “I believe there is significant potential in increasing community engagement and transparency. My initiatives will focus on enhancing communication channels between the council and the community, reducing the reliance on closed chats, and promoting more transparent interactions. Based on my experience, platforms like Telegram often create silos and negative feedback loops despite everyone’s best intentions. With the newly established CRC DAO LLC, I propose shifting more operations and features to the CRC website, which will help ironically ‘centralise’ and streamline open communications. This move will ensure that social media platforms are primarily used for marketing purposes, allowing the CRC website to become the main hub for community engagement and operational updates”.


By highlighting your consistent track record, dedication to Rong Chen’s vision, and focus on community and technical integration, your entry will resonate well with voters who value experience, commitment, and a forward-thinking approach.

These candidates bring a wealth of experience and a wide array of perspectives to the table. The CR election promises to be a significant step forward in shaping the future of Elastos. We encourage all community members to engage with the candidates and participate in the voting process.