Getting Started with FilDA

FilDA is now fully live, and all users are welcome to begin exploring its suite of preliminary financial services. Nonetheless, it is strongly recommended to first read through the instructions below before engaging the platform. Within a few minutes, you’ll be fully informed and prepared to begin staking and borrowing on the FilDA platform.

Instructions Before Using FilDA

First, transfer ELA from the Mainchain to Eth Sidechain

Option 1: If you use Elephant Wallet, ELA Wallet or elastOS Wallet, enter “cross” in the destination address, then input the amount of ELA to be transfered, and enter “toesc<sidechain address>” (e.g: toesc0x000000000000) in memo to complete the transfer.

Option 2: You can also use the Mini Program in Elephant Wallet. Here is the link: https://transfer.elaphant.app/

Option 3: Use elastOS wallet to transfer to ETH sidechain.

Next, create a MetaMask wallet and deploy both Huobi Mainnet and ELA Sidechain

  • Set up ELA Sidechain using the custom RPC parameters as follows:

  • Import the wallet private key

Then, transfer ELA from Eth sidechain to Heco chain

Tools:https://tokbridge.net/ Instructions: 1. Start the Metamask;

2. Click on the upper right corner to switch to “Heco-Elastos

3. Transfer ELA from Eth sidechain to HECO

4. After the transfer is successful, you can switch to Huobi Network in your wallet to check the balance Note: If you need to add tokens to the Huobi network in the wallet, here are the steps: Wallet-Add Tokens-Custom Tokens-Token Contact Address

5. Address list:https://github.com/fildaio/Quicksilver/blob/quicksilver/README.md#heco-mainnet

How To Use Filda

Visit filda.io, and connect to the MetaMask wallet and then switch to the Huobi Mainnet. You can start to use Filda Lending.

How To Stake Your Token

  • Visit filda.io and you can scroll down to the “market” section and deposit FIL, HT, HUSD or ELA into FilDA, or lend them to the borrowers on the platform.

  • Deposit ELA, HT, HUSD, or hFIL into FilDA and you can get fTokens. fTokens can be directly exchanged to other tokens through TokSwap.

Tips for token deposit:

1. ELA: transfer ELA from the main chain wallet to Eth Sidehain, and then to the Heco chain through tokbridge.net.

2. HUSD, FIL: transfer them from the Huobi App to the HRC20 address.

3. HT: transfer them from the Huobi App to the HECO address.

4. You will need HT tokens to use FilDA on HECO, these can be acquired on Huobi.

FilDA Website

FilDA Twitter

FilDA Telegram