GetDIDs Goes Live Making It Simple To Join The SmartWeb

www.getDIDs.com is the world’s first web-based Decentralized Identifier (DID) creator that combines mnemonic generation, credential verification, and publication to the blockchain in a few easy steps. As a pivotal launching pad to empower users online, this website will act as the starting point for individuals looking to solidify their digital identity, all while unlocking the door to a vast ecosystem of innovative products powered by Elastos technology.

With the world undergoing a rapid transformation to remote and digital existence, it is imperative that users begin to understand and harness the power of DIDs. At Tuum Tech, It has been our mission to produce a simple web service that converts the confusion and uncertainty surrounding new technology into a tool for empowerment and opportunity. This is where institutional ownership of your data ends, and individual freedom online begins.

The debut of this unique tool comes packaged with a simple explainer page that offers a glimpse into the value DID provides for users, and a fresh design style that will be carried forward to future digital identity applications under development at Tuum Technologies.

Development of www.getDIDs.com showcases the potential of Elastos technology by expanding several core functions of DID to the web, including but not limited to:

  • Creation of a new DID JS SDK that can be used by traditional websites;
  • DID SDK to generate mnemonics in setup of new DIDs;
  • DID SDK to generate verified credentials issued by Tuum Technologies;
  • DID SDK to create a DID transaction used to publish DID to the blockchain; and
  • Integration with Twitter authentication module to retrieve and verify Twitter credentials for DID attachment.

After completing a few quick steps, each user will be provided with their very own published DID, thus enabling direct access to elastOS, where they may expand their digital profile and interact with various additional applications powered by Elastos DID.

GitHub Link for DID SDK: https://github.com/elastos/Elastos.DID.JS.SDK

Github Link for getDIDs.com: https://github.com/tuum-tech/getDIDs.com