Feeds Launches NFTs On Elastos

Feeds, the first decentralized social media dApp built with Elastos tech, has officially launched version 2.0 on the Google Play store, bringing NFT capabilities to Elastos. The Feeds team has broken down all the new features below.

Feeds 2.0 (dApp)

Feeds 2.0 employs a new interface-lilac design style and the original interface layout has been optimized and adjusted;

Feeds 2.0 adds support for NFT functions. Users can apply to mint NFTs in Feeds and trade NFTs in Pasar, the NFTs mall.

Feeds 2.0 Integrates Two Smart Contracts (NFT/Pasar Contract)

Feeds 2.0 mainly integrates NFT functions, including the following two contracts:

  • NFT Contract: Based on the ERC1155 standard
  • Pasar Contract: Real-time NFT transaction mall contract

The NFT contract is compatible with the ERC1155 standard, and it can thus be used to mint either a single NFT or multiple, homogeneous NFTs. The contract also supports a royalty function for the creators. Once an NFT creator specifies a designated royalty percentage (for example, 10%) to mint an NFT, the creator will receive that percentage of the NFT’s value in each subsequent exchange, where the total royalties earned will be equal to 10% of the NFT’s total transaction volume. The royalty function is designed to encourage community members to create original NFTs that generate ongoing revenue streams.

The NFT contract also supports minting homogenous NFTs – that is, multiple NFTs that share the same TokenID. However, because the homogeneous NFT minting function has not been fully tested, Feeds does not yet support this function. For the time being, Feeds will only support the minting of single NFTs which are compatible with ERC-721 standard.

The Pasar contract is a contract in the NFT trading market. A user that mints an NFT from the NFT contract may either directly and immediately transfer the NFT to another user, or sell the NFT in the Pasar marketplace. Prospective buyers may then purchase these NFTs directly from the Pasar marketplace.

Pasar contracts support both fixed price sales and auctions. However, because the auction price function has not yet been fully tested, Feeds will only support the fixed price sales of NFTs in the Pasar marketplace.

NFT Images in Feeds

Users are now able to select NFT images to generate avatar icons for their profiles and channels in Feeds.

NFT Formats in Feeds

At the moment, Feeds only supports NFTs in image format. Users can upload original images, mint them as NFTs, and sell them on the Pasar marketplace.

In upcoming versions, Feeds will further expand its support for a wider range of NFTs, such as audio and video multimedia files, published content, and exclusive VIP badges. In addition, Feeds will expand the use case scenarios for its native NFTs.

Fully Decentralized NFTs

Data corresponding to NFT content is stored in Feeds’ IPFS network, which is a decentralized storage solution through which stored data can be exchanged seamlessly. The Feeds team plans to connect IPFS storage with the Feeds service to fully secure NFT data and to prevent it from being lost or inaccessible due to a single-point failure.

Users can mint NFTs from the Feeds application in the Elastos Essentials Super-Wallet, or they may use wallets that support the WalletConnect protocol, such as Metamask.

The Feeds Service has upgraded to version 2.0:

The Feeds Service is based on providing the feeds service v2.0 deb package on Ubuntu Linux and Raspberry devices (Linux), and supports upgrade installation.

Feeds service 2.0 provides the Feeds service application installation package, and currently supports macOS and Windows platforms.

Feeds service 2.0 adds support for the Windows 10 platform.

After the Feeds Service 2.0 application is installed, the Feeds service QR code will be displayed directly for the front-end Feeds dApp to bind to in order to generate a Publisher Account.

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