Feeds 3.0 Released

Feeds 3.0 has been released, and is now live on Google Play. In order to best navigate and enjoy Feeds 3.0, users should be aware of the following notes:

  • Feeds 3.0 runs exclusively on Elastos Essentials, which is not available on the Apple App Store. For this reason, Feeds 3.0 has only been released on Testflight. The Feeds team plans to release Feeds 3.0 on iOS when users no longer need to rely on DID to access public data via Hive Vault services.
  • Feeds 3.0 will not include Pasar Lite, but later versions will integrate Pasar and all related NFTs at the proper juncture. In the interim, users must visit https://pasarprotocol.io to unlist NFTs and trade them on the Pasar V2 marketplace.
  • Development for the “Explore Feeds” feature is still being developed. For now, users must manually scan and share QR codes in order to follow certain channels. Users may also add Feeds Network’s QR code.

  • In addition to supporting the same social media features available on classic version 2.x releases, Feeds 3.0 stores all data on Hive Vaults, and does not require the deployment of the Feeds service. However, Feeds 3.0 is not backward compatible. The Feeds team will release Feeds version 2.2 at the appropriate juncture to allow users to migrate Feeds data from the Feeds service to Hive Vaults.

Feeds Team
June 15, 2022