Essentials 3.0: Leveraging Customization and Widgets to Bring Users the Best of web3

With the Essentials team hard at work fine-tuning Elastos ecosystem’s flagship super-wallet application, Elastos Info is pleased to deliver the first formal introduction to Essentials 3.0.

The web3 space has evolved a great deal over the last twelve months. As web3 applications have become more diverse and sophisticated, so too have wallets. However, single-screen displays limit how feature-rich wallets can become before they overwhelm users. In the boundless virtual domain of web3, designing a one-size-fits-all model is simply infeasible in 2022. Simply put, less is more. As for which apps and tools deserve home screen real estate, in the eyes and minds of the Essentials team, the user is always right.

On that accord, rather than creating a comprehensive super-wallet home screen oversaturated with features, the Essentials team developed Essentials 3.0 with paramount customization. In Essentials 3.0, the Essentials team has brought to market the simplest, slickest, and most intuitive user experience yet – and all without compromising on the breadth of new features and applications that continue to crop up across the Elastos ecosystem.

Widgets You Can Touch

On Essentials 3.0, users can select from a variety of popular features in the form of widgets: simple blocks that can be added, moved, or removed from their personal home screens at any time. By populating their home screens with widgets that reflect their virtual interests, users get faster access to the applications and services they use frequently, and send the rest out of the picture.

The Essentials Home Screen at a Glance

Upon opening Essentials 3.0 for the first time, users arrive on a default landing page with a basic layout:

  • The screen is divided vertically into 3 panels that users may swipe left-to-right in order to put less desired content off-screen while still keeping it within one swipe’s reach.
  • A default list of available widgets to select from.
  • A clearly visible edit mode to add new widgets and to move and delete existing widgets.

The Opening Cast: Essentials 3.0 Widgets

In the initial release of Essentials 3.0, users can select from a number of primary widgets:

  • Finance 
    • Active wallet
    • Coin price tracker
    • Network selection
    • Swap function
    • Wallet connect
  • Identity
    • Web3 profile
    • DID backup
  • Browser
    • Recent apps
    • Favorite apps
  • Social
    • Contacts
    • Red packets (and available for grab)
    • In-app notifications
    • News
  • Elastos Ecosystem
    • Staking
    • DPoS voting
    • Cyber republic elections
    • Cyber Republic voting
    • Hive Vault management

Four Features to Look For

To complement its freshly launched widgets and customizable home screen, Essentials has brought a set of powerful new features to Elastos.

1. Feeds integration

In addition to its primary widgets, Essentials 3.0 features a special news widget that allows any dApp to deliver news directly to its Essentials users following a simple integration process. Taking web3 news one step further, Essentials’ partners at Feeds have provided support for Feeds channels within the Essentials news widget.

When Essentials users log into Feeds using their DIDs, they can access the latest posts and updates from their favorite Feeds channels directly from the Essentials news widget. Of course, in the spirit of customization, any and all Feeds channels can be hidden at any time per user discretion.

2. dApp Plugin Widgets

The Essentials team has developed a mechanism to allow third-party applications to introduce custom widgets of their own on Essentials 3.0. To keep Essentials’ UI clean and crisp, the Essentials team designed a simple layout as well. All dApps teams have to do is input their content and announcements, and their users on Essentials will receive updates in real time.

3. UI Consistency

Prior versions of Essentials 2.x have been a product of many strategic shifts and much fine-tuning. Consequently, as feature implementation has taken priority, various elements of the Essentials UI have remained inconsistent with one another. In Essentials 3.0, that all changes. 

WIth the new Essentials 3.0 UI and customizable widget display, every screen, button, and design minutia has been renovated to provide a consistent, on-brand experience for new users and OGs alike.

4. Expanded Themes

Historically, Essentials has kept its color schemes simple. But that doesn’t mean you have to! On Essentials 3.0 users can stick with the standard light and dark modes (with contrast variants), or explore their adventurous sides with brand new pink, orange, and blue themes.

The Improvements Don’t Stop Here

With widgets and customization features live and running smoothly in version 3.0, the Essentials team is just getting started. In the months ahead, the Essentials team will continue to engage users from across the ecosystem to collect critical feedback pertaining to new widgets, more efficient accessibility, in-demand features, and new ways to add value to the Elastos ecosystem’s Super-Wallet application. For Essentials 3.0, the journey has just begun.

To keep up with Essentials 3.0 as the Essentials team delivers announcements in anticipation of new version releases, make sure to stay tuned here on the official Elastos Info Blog.