Essentials 3.0: Cross-Chain Swaps in One Click

Essentials 3.0 is picking up steam! This week, we take a look under the hood at one of Essentials 3.0’s most exciting new features: one-click cross-chain Swaps. For the Essentials team, user experience is the cardinal focus for Essentials 3.0. Much like the application’s fresh widgets, simple cross-chain swaps open the door to new users, while providing a much-needed streamlined trading process to existing users.

Making Cross-Chain Easy

With Essentials 3.0’s built-in cross-chain swap feature, users no longer have to spend time and energy scouring various blockchain ecosystems for reputable, liquid decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregators, and sorting through long token lists just to conduct a single swap. Here’s how Essentials 3.0 gets it done:

  • Essentials leverages the cross-chain swap aggregator developed by Chainge Finance. The aggregator analyzes a breadth of EVM blockchains to find the most efficient route (and sometimes routes, if cost optimization takes priority).
  • The user selects his or her preferred route with one click, and, Chainge Finance takes care of the rest.
  • Users may swap virtually any token within and across 10 prominent EVM networks. In addition to saving time and energy, users will find that for most trading pairs, Chainge Finance’s swap aggregator provides best-in-class rates. And by the way, the whole process takes less than a minute.

Supported Networks for Swaps

At first release, Essentials 3.0’s cross-chain swap functions supports 10 leading EVM networks:

  • Arbitrum
  • Avalanche C-Chaine
  • BNB Smart Chain
  • Cronos
  • Ethereum
  • Fantom
  • Fusion
  • Heco
  • Polygon

Cross-chain Swaps on Essentials 3.0: Key Features

Essentials 3.0 features a number of valuable features to assist users seeking to execute cross-chain swaps: 

  • Essentials 3.0 supports cross-chain swaps with a home screen widget. As with all Essentials widgets, users can add, move, or remove this widget at any time as per their personal preferences.
  • Via the cross-chain swap widget, users may select tokens directly on the Essentials home screen to begin a cross chain swap.
  • Essentials 3.0 auto-lists all tokens a user owns on supported networks.
  • The cross-chain swap widget allows users to add custom token contracts.


About the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC)

On Essentials 3.0’s first release, swaps to and from the ESC are not supported for reasons concerning liquidity. In order to support the cross-chain swaps including ESC-native assets in future releases, relevant development teams are working to resolve all liquidity-related challenges.

In addition, the Essentials team is also working with the Chainge Finance team to integrate Glide Finance, the ESC’s leading DEX, in order to expand swap access to ESC-based tokens.

Live Screenshots: Essentials Cross-Chain Swaps in Action

To keep up-to-date and in-the-know with the latest news, features, and release information for Essentials 3.0, stay tuned here on the official Elastos Info Blog.

About Chainge Finance

Chainge Finance is a next-generation DeFi app that currently stands as the crypto space’s most liquid cross-chain DEX aggregator. The platform supports more than $70 billion of aggregated liquidity.

Chainge offers a wide array of decentralized services including:

  • Derivatives exposure including a Futures DEX and Options DEX  with competitive, real time market prices.
  • Cross-chain swaps across 27 chains, with the ability to perform multiple cross-chain transactions simultaneously.
  • Time framing and liquidity pools that allow users to easily generate daily income on their assets.
  • Escrow smart contracts that support secure exchange for OTC transactions.