Empowering the Elastos Ecosystem: Sai’s Council Candidacy

The Elastos community is known for its diverse members coming together to advance the Elastos ecosystem. Among these passionate individuals is Sai, a seasoned Product Management professional with extensive experience in the retail and fashion Industry. 

Inspired by the commitment and achievements of current Council members, Sai has decided to step up and declare his candidacy in the CR Council elections. With a vision for enhancing community engagement, establishing an investment arm for CR, and improving decision-making processes, Sai’s campaign brings fresh perspectives and valuable objectives.

A Journey of Inspiration

Sai’s journey with Elastos started in 2018 as a quiet community member. However, witnessing the dedication and passion exhibited by the Council members has fueled Sai’s desire to contribute and make a lasting impact actively. 

Despite the challenges of balancing work commitments and a young family, Sai remains dedicated to the Elastos vision. With plans to relocate back to India, Sai sees an opportunity to invest more time and energy into the community and contribute meaningfully to its growth.

A Vision for the Future

Sai’s primary objective as a Council member is to explore the establishment of an Investment arm for CR. Recognizing the increasing interest in Elastos and the potential influx of projects seeking funding, Sai envisions a framework that can cater to these opportunities. 

Building on past experiences, such as the Fresco project, Sai aims to develop a funding model that distinguishes between free funding and investment-based funding. By doing so, Sai seeks to lay a strong foundation for the long-term sustainability and prosperity of the Elastos ecosystem.

Empowering Community Engagement

Sai strongly believes in the importance of community engagement in decision-making processes. Commenting on Cyber Republic Suggestions and discussing topics on platforms like Telegram and Discord offer great opportunities for community involvement. However, Sai acknowledges that there is a need for further improvement in this area. To address this, Sai intends to conduct an in-depth discovery process to learn from other thriving communities. 

By analyzing their decision-making and community engagement approaches, Sai aims to present valuable insights and recommendations to the CR and Elastos community. The ultimate goal is implementing enhancements that foster inclusivity, transparency, and active participation.

Involvement with the Phantz NFT Project

Sai played a crucial role in the CR Council as an ambassador for the Phantz project. After Phantz’s election to the Council, Sai took on the responsibility of acting as a bridge between the Council and the vibrant Phantz community. With an in-depth understanding of the community’s needs and aspirations, Sai took it upon themselves to keep the Phantz members informed about the various Proposals presented on the Council.

Sai’s commitment to transparency and inclusivity was evident in their efforts to ensure that the Phantz community had a voice in the decision-making process. Prior to each Proposal’s vote, Sai conducted a consensus within the Phantz NFT holders, actively seeking their input and feedback. This approach guaranteed that the perspectives and concerns of the Phantz members were heard and considered when casting the final vote.


Sai’s decision to run in the CR Council elections is driven by a genuine desire to contribute to the success and growth of Elastos. With a solid product management background, extensive retail industry experience, and a genuine passion for Elastos’ vision, Sai brings valuable skills and insights to the table. 

Through his involvement with the Phantz NFT project, Sai has already showcased their dedication to driving innovation and community engagement. By electing Sai to the Council, the Elastos community can benefit from fresh perspectives, strong leadership, and a steadfast commitment to the shared success of Elastos.

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