Elastos welcomes Add3 to Elastos Smart Chain

Add3.io is a Token Management solution that allows clients to create customized and compliant token solutions to complement Web3 projects. Ideas for porting Web2 concepts to the world of Web3 are increasing, and a stumbling block can be how to incentivise users. By offering a simple and clean solution for building and structuring tokens for new projects, Add3 helps ease project creators into Web3 with clarity and a clean user interface.

When asked about the benefits of Add3 joining the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC) ecosystem, Valentino from the Add3 team responded with, “Add3 helps organizations unlock their Web3 potential with a powerful no-code Web3 platform for creating and managing token products.”

Having token management built, managed and audited through an easy-to-use portal opens the doors for entrepreneurs and businesses to swiftly take their concept to market. Coupled with the speed and simplicity of deploying a tokenized solution is the confidence that the contracts are safe, customized to your needs, so provide the user experience needed for the root project to function.

See how all the aspects of a token launch can be handled, including: minting, vesting, LP management, staking and more in this demo of the Add3 experience:

 Coupled with Witnet price oracles and infrastructure assistance from Bitstack, Elastos is pleased to see Add3 opening the doors ever wider for developers to get started on ESC.

Testnet compatibility and contract testing is underway already, and Add3 will be ready for full deployment on Elastos in early Q3, 2023.

The article and graphics were created by the Elavation Team.