How Elastos is Pioneering Charitable Donations with ScanGive: A SmartWeb Innovation!

Elastos partners with ScanGive

We’re excited to share how Elastos technology is spearheading a new era of charitable giving with our latest collaboration on the ScanGive platform. This partnership reflects our commitment to leveraging SmartWeb (Web3) innovations to enhance everyday actions—like making donations—secure, efficient, and transparent. Join us as we delve into this groundbreaking initiative.

Transforming Charitable Donations with Elastos and ScanGive:

Making a charitable contribution should be straightforward, secure, and impactful. That’s the vision we realized with ScanGive. By integrating Elastos technology, the platform enables users to make donations effortlessly via a simple QR code scan, all underpinned by the robust security of the Elastos infrastructure.

Elastos-Enabled Solutions on ScanGive:

Elastos’ role in revolutionizing this platform is comprehensive, ensuring that each aspect of your donation is managed meticulously:

  • Secure Transactions with Elastos’ Web3Essentials Wallet: The Web3Essentials Wallet is at the core of ScanGive, providing a secure environment for managing all your transactions, whether you are donating, receiving, or holding funds.
  • Efficient Identity Verification with Elastos eKYC Decentralized ID (DID): Leveraging our decentralized ID technology, ScanGive offers a quick verification process, allowing for immediate tax benefits without compromising personal privacy.
  • Universal Currency Support Through The Metaverse Bank: Thanks to our partnership with The Metaverse Bank, ScanGive supports donations in any currency, including cryptocurrencies. This collaboration ensures transparency and efficiency, regardless of currency type or donor location.


Tax Benefits and Global Accessibility:
Utilizing Elastos technologies, ScanGive simplifies the process for donors to claim tax benefits. In jurisdictions like the UK, where donations can be offset against tax, our platform automates these rebates, making it hassle-free for donors.

Our Ongoing Commitment and Future Plans:
ScanGive is currently being tested in various religious establishments throughout the UK, with plans to broaden these trials to more sectors. These initial implementations are essential for refining the platform and illustrating the tangible benefits of integrating SmartWeb (Web3) technology into charitable giving.


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