Elastos Rebranding: Embracing Bitcoin and Cyber Republic Governance


Elastos has initiated a critical shift towards refining its identity and reinforcing its core commitments towards delivering a Bitcoin-secured SmartWeb. Central to this shift is the introduction of a new logo alongside a forthcoming overhaul of the Elastos.info website. These updates are more than aesthetic changes; they symbolise Elastos’ strategic realignment, especially highlighting its integration with Bitcoin as a Layer 2 solution and its governance through the Cyber Republic.



The move to redesign the logo stems from a fundamental need to better represent Elastos’ synergy with Bitcoin—a relationship established through merged mining since 2018. Merged mining allows Elastos to enhance its network security by simultaneously mining with Bitcoin without additional computational power, effectively utilising Bitcoin’s extensive mining infrastructure to safeguard against attacks and improve reliability.

The redesigned logo encapsulates Elastos’ strategic alliance with Bitcoin and first emerged for BeL2, Elastos’ Bitcoin Layer 2 protocol that allows smart contracts to run on Bitcoin. After receiving positive feedback, it was suggested that Elastos could adopt a dark blue background and BeL2 a light grey, showcasing a family brand not too dissimilar to the likes of Amazon or Amazon Web Services.

SmartWeb Powered By Blockchain and Fueled by Bitcoin!

The new logo visually harmonises with Bitcoin’s color scheme, creating an instinctive link to the cryptocurrency leader, yet it preserves Elastos’ unique identity. This balance between affiliation and individuality is a deliberate step towards embodying Elastos’ evolution and its foundational pillars in its visual representation. But to be accepted, the decision had to go through the Cyber Republic.


The Cyber Republic: A Model of Decentralised Governance

Elastos’ innovative governance system, the Cyber Republic (CR), highlights its commitment to decentralised, community-led growth. The CR, encompassing everyone from $ELA token holders to the Elastos Foundation and partners, is grounded in the Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC). This system, unlike traditional Proof of Work (PoW) or Byzantine Proof of Stake (BPoS), is designed for direct community involvement in governance, allowing for the election of council members, proposal voting, and incentivising active participation using mainchain ELA, which is merge-mined by Bitcoin. This ensures governance is transparent, equitable, and true to the decentralised nature of blockchain.

The CR Councils unanimous 12/12 decision to approve the logo change reflects a unified commitment to this governance model and to the broader vision of Elastos. The forthcoming rebrand of the Elastos.info website extends this vision. It aims to be a digital manifestation of Elastos’ refreshed identity and strategic direction, enhancing community interaction, learning, and cooperation within the ecosystem. This step is seen as a continuation of aligning Elastos with its core values and the dynamic requirements of its community.


Paving the Way for a Brighter Future

Elastos’ journey through strategic rebranding, rooted in the innovative practices of merged mining with Bitcoin and the decentralised governance of the Cyber Republic, not only enhance Elastos’ position within the blockchain ecosystem but also set the stage for a more interconnected, secure, and participatory digital world. What do you think about the refreshed logo? Let us know and stay up to date by following us on X!