Elastos Info Website Launch

Our team is proud to announce the inaugural launch of our proprietary platform for all things Elastos: Elastos Info. Now three years out from its inception, the Elastos ecosystem has made major strides in expanding significantly and evolving organically. However, such organic growth is not necessarily conducive to sustained organization, and it has produced a complex network of content creators, community platforms, organizations, and news sources. Elastos Info acts as a comprehensive, one-stop Resource Center for everything Elastos; on our platform, we simply compile, organize, and present the ongoing developments and latest news circulating in the Elastos ecosystem, without controlling or centralizing any processes of growth or evolution which drive them. Simple, intuitive, and easy to navigate, Elastos Info has been constructed and established with long-time community members, ecosystem organizations, and prospective community entrants in mind: our platform has the tools and materials to meet all users at their respective levels, and to support their continued learning, pursuits, and engagements in the Elastos ecosystem. It is also important to note that Elastos Info is not an “official” platform, but one of many platforms that takes part in a global, decentralized community.

As such, in addition to acting as a primary resource and entry point to the Elastos ecosystem, Elastos Info will maintain a running list of current events and developments in the Elastos ecosystem, and we will draw on robust lines of communication within and across our community to remain up-to-date in our official publications and other releases. All inquiries, updates, feedback, and news pieces should be directed to our official point of contact:

Email: hello@elastos.info

Telegram Handle: @Mr_Tman

Elastos Info will also produce proprietary, signature content for our readers, which will be available on the Elastos Info Blog. The Elastos Info team is headed by Talha Idris (TI) and Alex Shipp, and composed of several highly experienced individuals from the Elastos community. As a team lead, TI is and will remain the foremost representative and direct point of contact for all matters concerning Elastos Info.

Once again, we are proud to announce the launch of the official Elastos Info web platform, and we welcome and encourage all ecosystem organizations, community members, and newcomers alike to explore our extensive Resource Center for all things Elastos and to get in touch with us about promoting new content.