Elastos Hosts Red Packet Competition

Are you destined to win? 

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Elastos is giving away 1,000 ELA in lucky red packets to our community! The competition integrates many unique qualities of our core ecosystem projects including Essentials and Elacity

As it is the year of the rabbit, we want you to take charge of your digital destiny and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes!

Competition Details

  • Download the Essentials wallet, get your DID and go to Elacity. For iOS users, be sure to turn on the in-app browser under Settings→Privacy. 
  • Add the Elacity widget in Essentials and click on Flint district.
  • Claim free credits and create your image for the Lunar New Year (Note: Elacity is providing 16 minutes of free GPU time for the duration of the contest. So you can generate and mint your NFT free of charge. For further info, please check this tutorial. )

The image must include: 

  • A rabbit, preferably as the main subject of the piece
  • An Elastos logo (*Correction: this requirement to have an Elastos logo was removed on February 1st, 2023)
  • At least one symbol of the Lunar New Year 

When finished, proceed to mint your image as an NFT!

To be included in the competition, share your artwork on Twitter with the hashtags #RedPacketGiveaway and #DigitalDestiny and by tagging @elastosinfo

Those who meet the conditions will be entered into the final round, where their artwork will be  voted on by the Elastos community on February 5. The top 10 selected will be given a link to their red packet with a chance to win a randomized amount of the total prize value!

Share crypto red packets to your friends and family 

It’s easy! Download the Essentials app on either Google or Apple App Stores, move or purchase your preferred crypto tokens (most major tokens are available) and select the red packet icon. 

From there, determine the number of recipients and generate a link. Those who open the link are granted a randomized or customized amount depending on how you want to set it up. All users need to do is click the link and open their red packet! Enjoy this creative generative art contest brought to you by Growth and B&D Team Elavation.

Any other questions? Reach out to us on Twitter, Telegram or Discord.

Happy Lunar New Year!

The article and graphics were created by the Elavation Team.