Elabox to Become Ecosystem’s First Hardware Project

With all platform components advancing toward major milestone releases in 2021, the Elastos Foundation has officially granted development funds to Elabox, a community team building the Elastos ecosystem’s first hardware project. Elabox is a PC2 (Personal Cloud Compute) hardware project that integrates core Elastos technologies such as DID, Hive, and Carrier, while fully supporting ongoing updates slated for future release – DID 2.0, Hive 2.0, and Carrier 6.0 to start. Essentially, Elabox serves as a Plug and Play gateway to the Elastos Smartweb and its growing community of development teams and Web3 applications.

Led by John Grancapal, the Elabox team aims to become an industry leader in hardware development and distribution for personal cloud computing applications, as well as an onboarding gateway for entrepreneurs, established enterprises, government agencies, and dApp developers. Elabox provides eServices in its native Elabox DApp Store and a suite of developer tools that enable remote management of personal data, identity data, and digital assets via Personal Cloud Vault storage. Building toward its Version 1 launch, Elabox is leveraging support from Tuum Tech CEO Donald Bullers and former CR Council member Adem Billican, Elabox to integrate a number of Elastos core technologies, including Elastos Hive 2.0, Elastos Carrier, and other Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) networks geared toward driving traffic to Elastos Ecosystem.

Elabox Version 1

Elabox Version 1 will support the following features:

  • Self-hosted Mainchain node
  • Self-hosted DID 2.0 node
  • Self-hosted Smart Contract Sidechain (ESC) node
  • Self-hosted Hive 2.0 node
  • User-friendly Dashboard to control Elabox
  • Elabox Rewards
    • Incentivizes users to run Carrier nodes for network decentralization
    • Automatic reward earnings for Elabox owners
    • Reward system based on a cohort of Elabox Supernodes run by the Enter Elastos team
    • Rewards Information [HERE]
  • Plug and Play
    • Easy to install and use, within reach for non-technical users
  • Over-the-Air Updates
  • Feeds node
  • Open source
  • DIY guide to be released
  • Wallet with ELA support
  • Settings Menu for user controls (restart, re-sync various nodes, wallet backup)

Already, the Elabox team has made significant progress, and to this point all development has been funded internally by Adem Billican. In addition to an RPi-compatible mainchain, DID 1.0 Sidechain, and Carrier node binaries, the team has completed a user-friendly dashboard with data and graphics corresponding to multi-chain transaction data and developed a fully functional wallet that supports ELA.

Development Timeline

In order to complete and release Elabox Version 1, the Elabox team estimates that 3 months of focused work will be required to develop the remaining features:

  • Over-the-Air Updates
    • Functions for receiving and installing firmware updates and patches
    • Seamless updates for new version releases
  • Easy setup / Plug and Play features
    • Almost-zero configuration
    • Updates and Dashboard setup are configured in the LINUX background while it is connected. In case of failure, Elabox will be able to revert and repeat the process.
  • RPi-compatible Feeds stand-alone node binary
  • RPi-compatible DID 2.0 Sidechain node binary ○
  • RPi-compatible Smart Contract Sidechain (ESC) node binary
  • Dashboard update to include OTA information and additional configuration

Release Plan

The Elabox team plans to release Elabox Version 1 to the public on or before August 27, 2021, the 4th anniversary of the Elastos Smartweb. A single Elabox will be priced at $399 USD, and will be available for purchase on elabox.com.

In order to show their commitment to tech development and long-term vision, the Elabox team will relocate any remaining Version 1 funds granted by the Elastos Foundation to the development of Elabox Version 2. 100% of profits earned from Elabox Version 1 sales will also be allocated to Elabox Version 2 development.

In addition, pending Cyber Republic approval, the Elabox team will be dedicating 40 Elabox devices the Elastos community and related events:

→ 20 Elaboxes will be sent directly to Elastos community members in a giveaway commemorating Elastos’ 4-year Anniversary in August 2021

→ 20 Elaboxes will be reserved for hackathon rewards and Elastos core teams

For more information regarding the Elabox team and its development process for Elabox Version 1, check out Cyber Republic Suggestion #105, and connect with the Elabox team on the following channels:

Elabox Twitter

Elabox Telegram