Elastos Essentials Version 2.6.0 Released on Android and iOS

The Essentials team has officially released Elastos Essentials version 2.6.0 for Android and iOS. With a trio of major new features, performance enhancements, new built-in networks, and much more, the new version represents a landmark release for the flagship Super-Wallet application and home base of the Elastos ecosystem.

Three Major New Features

Taking user demands and rising market trends into consideration, the Essentials team added a trio of high-impact features to vastly improve user experience for both long-timers and newcomers to Essentials.

1) Ledger Nano X: Cryptocurrency’s leading hardware wallet is now supported.

2) Multi-Signature Wallet: Essentials leverages a brand new Elastos Wallet Javascript SDK to support multi-sig wallet functions on the Elastos main chain.

3) EasySwap: With Essentials’ newest tool, users can now convert assets from new chains into ELA and other tokens directly on the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC) – and all in a single touch. EasySwap also features a newly designed onboarding screen for smooth user flow from dApps via the Connectivity SDK.

Major Enhancements

In addition to augmenting powerful new features, the Essentials team made a series improvements to the Essentials Wallet, completed significant technical reworks, and carried out many miscellaneous tweaks and changes to ensure that Essentials version 2.6.0 stands out as the best home base the Elastos ecosystem has yet to get its hands on.

Essentials Wallet

  • Faster NFT Details Display: With support for certain Pasar and MetEast formats.
  • Networks to Show: Now available with improved customization.
  • Smart Contract Transaction Types: Now available with improved information.
  • Secure Mnemonic Keypad: Improves user experience for mnemonic input.
  • New Built-in EVM networks: IoTeX, Cronos, Fuse, Gnosis.
  • Cryptoname Support: Now available on both Elastos main chain and supported EVMs.
  • UTXO Consolidation: Now supported.
  • NFT Properties: Now displayed.
  • NFT Transfers: Now supported.
  • Improved Filters: No longer displays low-liquidity tokens in valuations.

Major Technical Reworks

  • Hive JS SDK: Preparations underway to support Hive backups, and Hive transfers later.
  • Wallet Architecture: Preparations underway to support SDKs from various chains rather than relying exclusively on the Elastos Wallet SDK.

Miscellaneous Tweaks

  • For ID functions, Hive Backup Credentials now support Hive backups and Hive Hub.
  • Boot speed improvements.
  • Approximately 150 other bug fixes and minor improvements.

Looking Ahead: What’s Next for Essentials

The Essentials team is already hard at work preparing the next batch of upgrades, interactions, and new features for Essentials. Here’s what’s in the works and on the way:

  • Support for TRON network
  • Support for Elastos DPoS 2.0
  • Widget for Fiat-crypto on-ramp gateway experiment with ELA-ESC integration
  • Essentials 3.0 is already in development


– App stores download: https://elink.elastos.net/download

– Direct download: https://download.elastos.io/app/elastos-essentials/index.html

– Release notes: https://github.com/elastos/Elastos.Essentials/wiki/Release-2.6.0

Visit the brand new Trinity Tech website: https://www.trinity-tech.io/


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