Elastos Cyber Republic 5: Introducing Our New Council Members

Elastos Cyber Republic DAO 5

In a dramatic conclusion to the Elastos Cyber Republic DAO 5 elections, the votes were fiercely contested until the final moments. With candidates from diverse regions and backgrounds vying for positions, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation and excitement. The following individuals and teams emerged victorious, bringing with them visions of growth, innovation, and community engagement.

Introducing Our Newly Elected Council Members!

The newly elected council members bring a wealth of experience and a shared vision for the future of Elastos. Their responsibilities include guiding the community’s strategic direction, approving and overseeing proposals, and ensuring transparent governance.

  1. Gelaxy (China)
    • Background: Technical team responsible for the development of main and side chains.
    • Vision: Enhance functional development on the chain and standardize funding applications.
  2. Jon Hargreaves & Roger Darashah (United Kingdom)
    • Background: Experienced in communications and strategic management.
    • Vision: Communicate the benefits of the SmartWeb and ensure Bitcoin’s potential as a decentralized currency.
  3. Strawberry Republic (El Salvador)
    • Background: Known for their perfect voting record and dedication to community engagement.
    • Vision: Enhance transparency and promote grassroots art initiatives.
  4. Iggispopis CRC (Slovakia)
    • Background: Strategic management and finance expertise.
    • Vision: Address technical barriers and increase community engagement through active communication.
  5. WoW Africa: Lili Felix, Hannah West, Ian Anderson (Spain)
    • Background: Diverse team with a focus on community development.
    • Vision: Strengthen community collaboration and support technological innovation.
  6. Sash | Elacity 🐘 (United Kingdom)
    • Background: Founder and CEO of Elacity, involved in developing dDRM. Head of BeL2, Bitcoin Elastos Layer 2.
    • Vision: Promote decentralized technologies and enhance community engagement through transparent interactions.
  7. Chen2rong2 (-)
    • Background: Long-term supporter of Elastos with a focus on bridging internet and crypto developers.
    • Vision: Build the SmartWeb and foster collaboration between eastern and western community members.
  8. Rebecca Zhu (Australia)
    • Background: Community member dedicated to promoting transparency and engagement.
    • Vision: Enhance community participation and support the development of decentralized applications.
  9. Tyro and his Friends (China)
    • Background: Collaborative team approach to proposal evaluation.
    • Vision: Promote stable node operation and actively engage with the community.
  10. PG (Cayman Islands)
    • Background: Investment and financial expertise.
    • Vision: Support project development and improve decision-making transparency.
  11. Leo (Hong Kong)
    • Background: Experienced in web3 project development and investment.
    • Vision: Enhance ecosystem support for Elastos and uphold principles of fairness and transparency.
  12. Mark E. Blair, M.D. (Canada)
    • Background: Head of Strategy for BeL2 and experienced council member.
    • Vision: Drive innovation, support BeL2 rollout, and explore investor opportunities.

The Tense Final Moments

The election’s final hours were marked by intense activity, with votes shifting as candidates rallied their supporters. Observers noted strategic manoeuvres and last-minute endorsements that significantly impacted the outcomes. The competition was particularly tight for the final seats, with candidates switching places as the deadline approached. The dynamic nature of the voting process showcased the community’s active engagement and commitment to the democratic principles of the Cyber Republic. It was both tense and fun!

Next Steps

With the election concluded the new council members will undergo a 14-day transition period before officially taking office on June 13th. During this time, they will deploy their council nodes, ensuring they are operational by June 12th. These nodes play a critical role in validating blocks on the Elastos sidechains, a key component of the ecosystem’s security and functionality.

The first Biweekly Council Meeting is scheduled for June 26th, marking the beginning of the new council’s term. These meetings will be essential for setting the strategic direction and addressing community proposals.

The successful election of the new Cyber Republic Council members marks a significant milestone for Elastos. With their diverse backgrounds and shared commitment to the community, they are well-positioned to drive innovation and foster growth. The community’s active participation and engagement throughout the election process underscore the strength of the Elastos ecosystem and its commitment to decentralized governance.

For more information about the newly elected members and their visions, visit the Elastos website, follow the Cyber Republic Twitter and join the ongoing discussions within the community Telegram.


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