Elastos and Staking Rewards Forge a Strategic Partnership: Elevating Web3 Participation and Rewards

Elastos BPoS consensus mechanism revolutionises staking! 2023 saw the advent of Elastos’ BPoS (Bonded Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism, enabling node operators to customise their staking duration and offering greater flexibility to delegators. As a result, this upgrade doubled the number of validators on Elastos in just a few weeks. We’re now excited to share that Staking Rewards, our strategic partner, has added a dedicated Elastos dashboard for BPoS data and insights. Take a look here!


Bonus incentives from the Elastos Foundation and low operational costs create an ideal opportunity to join our validator and staking community today. Staking Rewards is instrumental in sharing this information with prospective validators, including investors looking for assets with ROI. As an extension of our collaborative efforts, the Elastos Growth Team will be present at the Staking Rewards Staking Summit event in Turkey on November 10th, where the team will connect with attendees and showcase the unique features of Elastos’ validator system, along with the opportunities for earning ELA it offers. Follow our Twitter for updates!

“We are excited to bring Elastos staking data onto Stakingrewards.com. With its distinct PoW/PoS model, Elastos has a unique position in the industry and we are looking forward to driving adoption for ELA staking in the ecosystem and beyond.” Mirko, Staking Rewards CEO

“We have recently introduced a new consensus mechanism for Elastos and now the details of our blockchain validators are on Staking Rewards we feel like Elastos has arrived! We look forward to welcoming further node operators to share our Web3 journey. For only 2000 ELA there is an opportunity for node operators to earn pre-halving rewards, including bonuses, at a very reasonable cost – ELA scarcity is part of the economics and locking them for consensus security offers a safe haven for on-chain holders wishing to support us. Staking Rewards adds visibility to the project so we can share what we’re working towards. Elastos has been building for over five years so is here for the long run, and with the next bull run taking shape, it presents an opportunity to join a maturing community with resilient technology as the Web3 story charges onwards.” Fakhul, Elastos Head of Growth

What’s next?

Building upon this momentum, Elastos recently partnered with Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud. These collaborations bolster our SmartWebs resilience with cloud infrastructure and advance DID identity solutions with KYC and verifiable credentials support for privacy-preserving compliance. These partnerships have reinforced Elastos’ standing in secure digital identity verification and enhanced validator confidence in the ecosystem, making today a great time to be a validator.

Next, Elastos is looking to launch an ecosystem accelerator campaign to foster project development across various Web3 applications like DeFi, SocialFi, and NFTs. The campaign will leverage Elastos’ core technologies, including Carrier for communications, EID for identity, Hive for storage, and Elastos Smart Chain for EVM support. Separately, ecosystem project Elacity is advancing DRM technology on Elastos, supporting the development of Elastos’ Runtime technology, an execution environment to support playback of encrypted content like video and music using tradable NFT rights.

Explore the Elastos Staking Rewards Dashboard today and take control of your digital life—identity, finances, and content. With Elastos, it’s possible.