Elastos Joins the Blockchain Game Alliance: Revolutionising Web3 Gaming

Partnering up with BGA

Elastos has entered a strategic partnership with the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA), supporting our integration of cutting-edge Web3 technology into the gaming industry. This collaboration embodies our commitment to pioneering a decentralised digital economy and marks a pivotal step in enhancing our influence and reputation within the gaming sector.

  • Enhanced Visibility and Credibility By aligning with the Blockchain Game Alliance, Elastos significantly increases its visibility in the dynamic gaming industry, establishing itself as a credible and influential player. This is crucial for attracting innovative projects into our ecosystem.
  • Networking, Collaboration, and Partnerships: Our BGA membership opens doors to invaluable networking opportunities, fostering potential collaborations and partnerships with other industry visionaries. This network will serve as a bedrock for growth and development, especially for our project, Destiny Calling.
  • Community Building and Industry Insights: Being part of BGA allows us to actively engage in community building, gaining deep industry insights. This knowledge is vital in staying ahead of trends and aligning our strategies with the evolving landscape of gaming technology.
  • Early Access and Industry Integration: Our involvement grants us early access to emerging information and developments within the gaming sector, positioning Elastos favourably for integration and technical collaboration.
  • Boost for Destiny Calling: Utilising BGA’s extensive network, we aim to propel Destiny Calling to new heights, attracting interest and fostering potential collaborations.

Elastos will participate in the New Member Presentation hosted by BGA. Elavation representative, Jon, will introduce Elastos to the gaming community, showcasing it’s vision and capabilities (Date TBC). Elavation will also use connections from the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) for the support and success of Destiny Calling.

At its core, Elastos offers a robust, decentralized infrastructure, capable of revolutionising how games are developed, distributed, and monetised. By joining forces with BGA, Elastos gains an influential platform to enhance its visibility and credibility within the gaming sector. This partnership is not merely about membership in an organisation; it’s a strategic alignment of goals and a shared vision for the future of gaming.