Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – June 11, 2023

In the recent biweekly update, Elastos achieved significant progress in various areas. On the Mainchain, the Core team completed testing and adjusted the BPoS NFT data structure while conducting ongoing testing for multi-signature wallets for the BPoS-related features. Additionally, the team has been monitoring a seamless transition to the 4th CR Council. The team also released an upgraded ESC EVM, conducted functional and stress testing to explore new features for potential side chains, and upgraded the sidechain browser. In the DID domain, preparations were made for integrating AliCloud eKYC services. 

Essentials wallet addressed the issue of slow updates on token prices, improving the user experience by providing real-time price updates. The flagship Elastos wallet also made significant progress by integrating the KYC-me dApp and preparing for the AliCloud eKYC service collaboration. Carrier went through several improvements. The modules within Carrier were merged, which means they were combined into a single, unified package for better efficiency. The network crawler, a tool used to explore and analyze the Carrier network, was enhanced to perform better and provide more accurate information. Additionally, Carrier was adapted to be compatible with the Windows operating system.

The Hive update includes the completion of the Hive.Node.Docker repository, with deployment guidance documentation added. The .env configuration file for creating a Hive Node has been improved, and issues with the file in the HiveHub website’s deployment have been resolved. These updates enhance the deployment process, provide clear instructions, and ensure a smoother experience for creating a Hive Node.

Elastos Mainchain:

  • Implemented additional logic to handle situations in which at least 25 BPoS nodes behave maliciously, resulting in forking.
  • Improved the implementation of BPoS consensus for signing blocks.
  • Completed testing and made adjustments to the data structure in the BPoS NFT.
  • Ongoing testing is in progress for the multi-signature wallet with BPoS-related features.
  • Provided technical support to ensure a smooth transition to the 4th CRC Council.

Elastos Sidechain:

  • Released and launched an upgraded version of the ESC on the mainnet, set to take effect at a specific block height on June 14th.
  • Completed the development of the EID upgrade, which is scheduled for release by the end of the month.
  • Conducted functional tests for some upcoming sidechain features, allowing the side chains to remain unaffected by any potential consensus reversion to PoW and the CRC status on the mainchain.
  • Performed stress testing on the side chains to evaluate their maximum transaction capacity.
  • Upgraded the sidechain browser and updated the RPC interface it utilizes.
  • Resolved a functional issue that the sidechain browser encountered during the synchronization of stress test data.


  • Began preparations for the integration of AliCloud eKYC services, starting with the integration of AlibabaCloud’s eKYC SDK and related interfaces.
  • Resolved an issue in which the “Sign in With DID” and “Disconnect” buttons were simultaneously displayed during in-browser logins to the kyc-me service.
  • Debugged the complete process of issuing KYC-verified Verifiable Credentials by simulating KYC authentication data.
  • Participated in discussions with the Elavation team about DID/zkSNARKs and analyzed the potential application of zkSNARKs within the scope of DID.


  • Addressed the issue of slow updates of token prices.
  • Updated the display for balance and transaction history in the wallet.
  • Corrected validation errors associated with specific Chinese mnemonic phrases.
  • Implemented a feature to directly open the corresponding blockchain browser from the wallet address page.
  • Enhanced the integration of the kyc-me dApp.
  • Updated the kyc-me dApp integration in preparation for integrating related features of Ali’s eKYC service.
  • Enabled the Red Packet dApp to create and distribute red packets on the ESC sidechain.
  • Conducted tests and released version 3.0.8 of the Essential wallet.


  • Merged the Core and Addons modules in Carrier Native into a single binary library.
  • Improved the Carrier Network crawler program.
  • Adjusted the AnnouncePeer/FindPeer interface requirements and implementation within the design of Carrier.

The Trinity and Gelaxy Team