Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – Aug 6th, 2023

In the latest Elastos Bi-Weekly update, notable strides have been made across multiple areas of the ecosystem. The Main Chain has been actively testing the new BPoS Consensus algorithm and introduced features like multi-signature wallet support for CR Proposals, aiding in security and validation. Crucial testing phases for transactions such as CR Council candidate registration, updates, and withdrawals using multi-signature wallets have been successfully completed. The Main Chain browser is going to provide improved statistical insights. On the Elastos Side Chain, ongoing testing of the Essentials wallet has progressed well for BPoS NFT related features. The Essentials wallet has achieved milestones in BPoS NFT development, UI/UX enhancements, and integration with platforms like BitTorrent

Recent advancements in Decentralized Identity (DID) within kyc-me.io and Elavation Team initiatives encompass refined user experiences, optimized frontend speed, and strict adherence to privacy by removing backend caching of personal KYC data. Detailed planning for the Custodial DID Service has been outlined, emphasizing user interactions and security protocols. Additionally, Carrier has seen stability improvements in its Active Proxy Service. This Bi-Weekly update reflects Elastos’ commitment to advancing its blockchain ecosystem through technical innovation and strategic collaborations.

Elastos Main Chain

  • Ongoing testing is underway for the new algorithm for the BPoS consensus.
  • A new feature has been developed for the CR Proposal, allowing it to be promoted to Proposals using a multi-signature wallet by CR Council members.
  • A new CR Proposal category is being implemented on the mainchain to facilitate the automatic adjustment of transaction fees on side chains.
  • Testing has been completed for transactions such as CR candidate registration, registration status updates, registration cancellation, and withdrawal of the deposit with a multi-signature wallet.
  • The mainchain browser is being enhanced to display statistical information, such as wallet addresses and average block time.

Elastos Side Chain

  • Ongoing testing is being conducted with the Essentials wallet, and workflow validation has been completed on the testnet.
  • eKYC development is progressing in a simulated environment, including support for DID data queries through EID KYC’s RPC interface using a smart contract on ESC via the eLink service.
  • Research is underway on a developer incentive program that aims to utilizes a decentralized approach.
  • An issue with RPC that occurred after the side chain nodes restart has been fixed


  • Completed the development of BPoS NFT and tested the BPoS NFT related features on the testnet.
  • Enhanced BPoS NFT-related functionalities, including multilingual display on the wallet, and resolved issues during the process of minting and direct peer-to-peer (P2P) transfer of BPoS NFT.
  • Improved the UI/UX for multi-signature wallet-related features and optimized the interaction with BPoS Voting and BPoS NFT-related functions.
  • Fixed a bug in the Consolidate feature for mainchain ELA.
  • Optimized the display of the Wallet Connect page for accessing third-party applications like Opensea/Uniswap in in-app browsers.
  • Improved functionalities in the BPoS Voting application and fixed various bugs.
  • Officially integrated BitTorrent Chain.
  • Released version 3.0.10 officially and completed the corresponding tests.


  • Refined the code and interface display in kyc-me.io for refusal of user face-obstruction recognition (i.e., no mask-wearing recognition).
  • Optimized the frontend code of kyc-me.io to increase client loading speed.
  • Removed the backend logic in kyc-me.io related to caching personal kyc information, ensuring no saving or caching of personal information during the kyc process.
  • Continued to optimize some minor display popup issues in kyc-me.io and its integration with EE.
  • Assessed 6 overseas KYC/Identity providers’ technical solutions based on Elavation Team’s requirements, and evaluated potential collaboration points with Elastos DID technology.
  • Detailed the Custodial DID Service technical plan, including specifications, feature definitions, etc.
  • Designed the UI flow of DID custodial service, involving interactions between users, front apps, and DID custodial backend service, including login/logout/transactions/delegation/issuance of VC, and encryption procedures of user DID data/VC data.
  • Constructed the basic code framework of DID custodial service.
  • Perfected the security design of DID custodial service, including data encryption, client authentication, etc., focusing mainly on the encryption of backend data (including DID SK/VCs, etc.).
  • Followed up on the eKYC integration issues, mainly optimizing the kyc-me and EE sides, and waiting for alicloud’s backend data clearance interface to ensure consistency with statements of not caching any personal information on backend service, and subsequent official release of kyc-me service by the product team/BD.


  • Kept fixing some bugs and improved the stability of the Active Proxy Service