Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 5 March, 2023

The Gelaxy Team wrote thorough documentation for deploying Elastic Consensus nodes. They also tested the minting of ELA staked along with the new multi-signature accounts. Essentials wallet has undergone the necessary upgrades in preparation for the new Bonded Proof of Stake (BPoS) in Elastic Consensus. Tron and Celo networks are the latest projects that have been added to the Essentials wallet.

The Carrier technology underwent many optimizations to its DHT or Distributed Hash Table. The DHT allows the Carrier to have efficient data storage and retrieval without relying on a central server, making it highly resilient and fault-tolerant. 

The Feeds dApp team made progress integrating the Elastos Decentralized ID (DID) into the social media dApp Nostr. Elastos DIDs can now be imported and created in the Nostr iOS client by scanning mnemonic QR codes. DIDs can also interact with the Nostr relay nodes in sending and retrieving posts on Nostr. These developments are profound as the Nostr DID system isn’t as well developed as Elastos. The overall Elastos tech stack continues to mature and develop in pursuit of becoming the main building blocks of the Web3.

Main Chain

  • Wrote documentation for deploying BPoS nodes.
  • Continued testing the minting of ELA staked in BPoS on the main chain as NFTs, and fixed any issues that were found.
  • Began integration testing for multi-signature account registration, DPoS, CR, and related operations.

ESC Side Chain

  • Completed the porting and unit testing of the newly added ABI library.
  • Tested the upgraded EVM using the retesteth testing tool and fixed any issues that were found.
  • Deployed an integration testing environment for community projects to interface with and verify.
  • Fixed potential null pointer issues in light node mode.

EID Side Chain

  • Resolved issues such as plugin conflicts that were discovered during the upgrade of the EID browser to the latest code development.


  • Added support for the Tron network in the wallet, including support for freezing and unfreezing transactions, as well as displaying Tron/TRC20 transaction records.
  • Added support for the Celo network.
  • Improved transaction record handling and information display in the wallet.
  • Improved the handling of the supported network list and fixed any potential issues.
  • Optimized the stability of WalletConnect sessions.
  • Adjusted the minimum staking period in the BPoS dApp based on the latest CR proposal.
  • Fixed potential UI navigation issues in the CR Council dApp.
  • Improved support for Glide and fixed issues with displaying Glide Exchange transaction records.
  • Improved platform adaptation for the iOS password keyboard.
  • Fixed issues with the in-app browser crashing when using ela.city on iOS.


  • Edited the INSTALL guide document, deployed the Java super test node, and established a testing environment.
  • Carried out integrated testing of Java and Native nodes on the Carrier test network.
  • Added support for Value and Peer expiration in local storage of Native DHT, resulting in the system failing.
  • Optimized the implementation of the Lookup option in Native DHT, improving Lookup time and reducing network overhead.
  • Optimized the Native DHT Socket/Crypto module and module interface, and updated related test cases.
  • Supplemented Native test cases and resolved message decryption failures in Native Secure DHT function test cases.
  • Enabled Native DHT to support only receiving DHT messages with public IP addresses in the production environment. Added a compilation switch to support development and production versions.
  • Completed the Active Proxy Client program for Native DHT and interfaced it with the Active Proxy service provided by the Java DHT super node.
  • Fixed and improved issues in the Java implementation based on the Native and Java node debugging and testing.


  • Optimized the implementation of certain parts of the FilesService.
  • Implemented the ability to delete application data for a specified App DID under a personal Vault.

Feeds MobileApp

  • Evaluated the technical modifications required to integrate Elastos DID into the Nostr Relay.
  • Completed the integration of Elastos DID into the Nostr relay based on the Nostr nostream project and deployed it as a Relay node.
  • Implemented the creation and import of DID in the Nostr iOS client application Damus, supporting the import of Elastos DID through scanning of mnemonics QR codes, and supporting the interaction with Relay nodes through DID identity to send and retrieve Posts.
  • Integrated DID into the Nostr Android client application Amethyst and interacted with the deployed Nostr Relay node to retrieve Posts data.

The Gelaxy Team and Trinity Team


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