Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 2 April, 2023

The Core teams have been busy with various updates and developments within the Elastos tech stack. The main chain released version v0.9.0, which supports the upcoming BPoS Consensus. The main chain explorer now supports NFT-related transactions. ESC chain completed functional testing of minting ELA staked in BPoS as bNFTs(BPoS NFT). ESC chain is also preparing for integration testing with the Lightning Network in efforts to deploy a cross-chain bridge. 

Essentials released version 3.0.4 with various UI/UX improvements and enhancements, as well as fixing several issues reported by the community. Essentials has tested and verified BPoS features in preparation for the transition to the new Consensus. The Core teams have also deployed experimental Carrier Super Nodes for testing purposes. Feeds MobileApp completed the integration of DID in the Android Amethyst app to better integrate into Nostr. Development has also begun to integrate the Feeds Channel mechanism into the Nostr protocol extension.

Main Chain

  • Released version v0.9.0 of the ELA node, which supports BPoS consensus.
  • Completed development of the main chain explorer to support NFT-related transactions.

EID Chain

  • Released version v0.2.1, which supports small, fast deposits.

ESC Chain

  • Completed the functional test of minting ELA staked in BPoS as NFTs.
  • Organized and prepared to start integration testing with the Lightning Network cross-chain bridge deployment documentation.


  • Officially released version 3.0.4.
  • Fixed some UI/UX issues with the AnySwap App and optimized the user experience.
  • Improved the handling of RPC request timeouts to enhance the user experience during poor network conditions.
  • Improved the handling of change exchange transactions based on user feedback.
  • Systematically tested and verified the DPoS to BPoS transition and BPoS-related applications.
  • Fixed several issues reported by community users regarding the RQCode Scanner.
  • Added the display of transaction fees in transaction details.
  • Updated the use of some internal domain names in EE.

Carrier 2.0

  • Deployed experimental Carrier Super Nodes.
  • Opened up environment testing and improved test cases.
  • Added Carrier and an extended Launcher program, running as a service in the Native Node.
  • Solved the blocking issue when updating Bootstrap Nodes in Carrier Native.
  • Abstracted the extended services in Carrier Native as an Addons module and reformed the corresponding interfaces, making the ActiveProxy client module one of the services in Addons.
  • Solved the inaccurate version display of Java DHT nodes in the routing table in Carrier Native.
  • Solved the issue of failed encryption value during the persistent update of Value/Peers in Carrier Native.
  • Optimized the implementation of ActiveProxy in Java Node based on test feedback.
  • Added an installation guide for the Java DHT repository.
  • Added a guide for using the ActiveProxy service.


  • Optimized and improved the internal module processing of the application and auth_register data tables.
  • Completed the adaptation of the Hive Node to the Mac Silicon M1 machine for development and testing purposes.

Feeds MobileApp

  • Completed the integration of DID in the Android Amethyst application and provided an APK for verification testing.
  • Improved the interaction between the Android Amethyst with integrated DID and Nostr Relay based on test feedback.
  • Started to verify the implementation of the Feeds Channel mechanism based on the Nostr protocol extension.

The Gelaxy Team and Trinity Team


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